10 Essential Tips on How to Make a Commercial Memorable and Effective

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 24, 2019

Jun 24, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

The television advertising industry is projected to surpass the $74 billion annual revenue mark by 2022.

While this might be great news for television companies, it’s not news to excite the advertisers.

These days television has a lot of competing media. Therefore, even if advertisers increase their spending on TV ads, they’re not necessarily guaranteed viewership.

Now more than ever, it is essential that a television advertisement is able to capture the attention of viewers in an instant.

In this article, we will discuss some essential tips on how to make a commercial memorable and effective.

It All Starts with a Big Idea

In all honesty, you can get ad time during the prime time when millions of viewers are tuned in but only have a few thousand watch your ad. And that’s if you’re lucky. This is because people are growing more intolerant of ads.

For the few who have DVRs that can fast forward through an ad, they’ll just skip over ads. The rest will just turn to their devices to check their email or see what’s happening on social media, leaving you with a small audience.

You must, therefore, be able to be able to capture the viewers’ attention instantly.

Before they can even get to the remote or turn on their device, they need to be glued to your ad. To do this, you need a big idea for your ad.

It must be unique and eye-catching enough for it to capture the attention of viewers within seconds.

Be Audience Specific

Most ads run for less than a minute. It is difficult to highlight your entire range of products and services in this short period.

Any attempt to do so may affect the quality of your ad. Commercials should speak to specific needs your audience may have.

Therefore, you should choose a group of products or services that are closely related and gear your ad towards the people who need them. This way, they will keep watching the ad as they will be keen to find out more.

A Catchy Tagline Can Do Wonders

Your ad is supposed to create awareness for your brand or products. However, if done well it can do so much more. Including a catchy tagline will not only raise the awareness you seek, but your brand will also stick with the audience.

In addition, if you may also convert your viewers into your marketers. Anytime they sing your jingle in front of people, they will be marketing you.

Product Placement

Consumers fast forward or skip ads because they find them invasive. Nobody wants to see an ad pop up while they’re following their favorite show. With product placement, everybody wins.

The viewer gets to watch their shows without interruptions and you are assured that your ad won’t be skipped.

How to Make a Commercial: Are You Going to Use People?

There are many ways to go about ad designs. You can opt to use people or even go for animated ads. Both methods are effective, but for different audiences and product types.

However, you must remember that the human touch in marketing is very impactful. People get to relate more with your ad.

Hire a Production Company

Even if you have the best idea, but the execution is lacking, your ad will not have the desired reach. It is important that you find a production company to bring your ideas to life.

They will take care of the scripting, shooting, and editing your commercial. Visit a few agencies and choose one that has done similar projects impeccably.

Use Strategic AD Placement

Your ad will not do you any good if your target audience does not view it. You need to identify your target audience and find out their viewing patterns.

At what time are they likely to be watching TV? Which stations do they watch more? What shows do they enjoy?

The answers to these questions should dictate where your ads are aired and at what time. Otherwise, you can spend millions on commercials and get no outcome.

Use Influencers

Are you marketing your new sports-themed restaurant? Get a popular athlete from one of the teams within your city to feature in the ad.

By using an industry-related influencer, your audience will not only take the time to view your ad, but their endorsement will build credibility for your brand.

Be Conscious About the Length of Your AD

If the ad time you have purchased is for 35 seconds, your commercial should not last a second longer.

If it does, the last parts of your commercial will be cut, and the viewers might miss your call to action or the jingle that will keep your brand in their minds.

Tell a Story

Over the years, the attention span of viewers has decreased as the number of gadgets have increased. Additionally, advertisements can be monotonous. Even before you get to the tenth second, you can tell where it is going.

To grab the attention of your audience, your ad needs to be different and have a reason for them to keep watching till the end. An effective way to do this is to tell a compelling story.

Think of your commercial like a short film. Let it induce emotion and inspire people to take action. Let the story be simple yet authentic, one that people can understand and relate to.

To make it even more compelling, hire someone with a great voice to do the voice over for you.

Their voice should match the tone of the story for maximum effect. Incorporating a story in your commercials will ensure you leave a lasting impression on the viewers.

There are many answers to the question of what makes a good commercial, but none are as effective as telling a story with your ad.

A great example is Apple’s 1984 “Think Different” commercial. Thanks to the story and execution, the ad is still popular today.

What Makes a Commercial Great?

Many people have their own ideas on how to make a commercial that suits their brand. A personal touch is always great.

However, the ad should not be too complicated, and it does not have to cost an arm and a leg. From previous success stories, all you need to do is communicate your message in a way that will leave a lasting impression.

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