How to Make a Career Change When You're Stuck in a Rut

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 11, 2019

Jun 11, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Ah, it's the same thing over and over again, and you're bored out of your mind. Not only are you bored but you're burned out and not sure if you can do one more day of work.

Unfortunately, the looming debt you've incurred says you must go back to work. But you're not going down without a fight, so you decide to research how to make a career change to something more up your alley.

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How to Make a Career Change - 411

Another grueling day at work and you're ready to get out. There are many other careers you'd rather be working on right now, but you're just not sure how to get started.

Asses Your Current Skills

As you're looking at your marketable skills, see if they are relevant to the skills businesses need today.

You are likely to have more skills than you give yourself credit for, so make sure to ask friends and family to point out skills that you might not have thought about.

Make a list of the skills that you have on paper and review the ones that would fit into the new career that you want.

Determine If You Need More Education

If you're working in the tech field and need more education, you might decide to look for more efficient methods for studying agile. You may also decide that you want to go back to college to pursue a totally different career path than you're on currently.

Research the Job Market

Before you get excited about your new career and head off to school, review the job market. Are there jobs available in the field that you want to work? There is no use going to school for a job that isn't going to exist in a few years.

AI and other technologies or machines are replacing some jobs. You want to make sure that your money and time is going to be appropriately invested, so you don't end up back at your old job.

Start Applying for Positions

Once you're prepared for your change, you need to start applying for positions. You may not be able to get the dream position that you want right away but don't be afraid to apply for it.

You never know if they are going to accept you until you ask. Even if they aren't ready to put you into a position of leadership or whatever position it is that you want, you'll be on their radar. They may consider hiring you on at a lower position and promoting you from within as you prove yourself.

Learn to Get Ahead in the Workplace

Now that you know how to make a career change, why not learn how to get ahead at your new job? Our blog is full of articles to help you advance in your new dream job.