7 Key Benefits of Outsourcing Your Employee Relocation Program

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 11, 2019

Jun 11, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Competition in the business world continues to toughen every day. You need competent job skills to remain at the top of the game.

Workforce mobility and employee relocation is an increasing trend in business. The increase causes growing employee relocation needs.

It has become a challenge for organizations to move employees. However, you can outsource your employee relocation program to address the problem.

Wondering if outsourcing the relocation program is worth the investment? Read through the article to learn the benefits of outsourcing your employee relocation program.

1. Expatriate Relocation Knowledge

Relocation Management Companies (RMC) focus on employee residence changes. Their specialization has built expertise in immigration, visa, tax, and other compliance issues.

The RMC hire experts in negotiations, law, real estate, and international services. Besides, it trains its staffs to ensure a smooth relocation process.

Do you share experiences in employee relocation process? If the answer is yes, then you know it’s a burdening activity. You need someone to ease the problem for you, right?

Outsourcing employee relocation program eases the process through expert knowledge.

2. Is Cost Reduction Among the Benefits of Outsourcing Your Employee Relocation Program?

In business who doesn’t wish a reduction in costs? Outsourcing employee relocation program saves you costs.

Remember, relocation costs are expensive. The lowest relocation bonus for new college graduate averages at $2500. RMC’s help in management of expenses using their experience and networks.

The relocation companies establish relationships with home sales, international services, and temporary housing. Such networks get cost minimizing deals due to vast market information and knowledge

If you don’t have such incentives, it is impossible to enjoy reduced rates. The trial and error process contributes to unexpected expenses. Eventually, the employee relocation program becomes so costly.

So why should you outsource employee relocation program?

The knowledge base by RMC’s helps accord advise on the best deals that cut costs.

If you're feeling the pinch for employee relocation program costs, outsource for expense management.

3. Creates Time to Focus on Other Important Recruitment Processes

Employee relocation is the responsibility of the human resource department. The department deals with hiring, training, interviews, employees’ assessment, among others.

The employee relocation program requires full attention. The employee relocation program is an extra responsibility to HR.

Outsourcing the employee relocation program creates time for HR and management. They can now focus on high impact activities in the firm.

4. Increases Success Rate for Employee Transfer

If you've participated in this relocation program, you know its challenges.

Imagine you have the right candidate for your company’s skills-gap, but his/transfer request is denied. It's frustrating. The complex relocation process makes it difficult to transfer your employee to a preferred house.

You must wonder what complicates the employee relocation process.

  • Tax compliance requirements
  • Visa complexities
  • Immigration requirements among other government requirements.

These issues are a significant cause of trouble in the employee relocation process.

Research suggests that in 2018, there was a shrink in the approval rate for the H-1B visa by 10%. If you are not an expert in the field, you are prone to fail.

So why would you outsource the employee relocation program in this case?

Employee relocation companies specialize in unique relocation needs. These include tax issues, visa application, and compliance reporting. Working with relocation experts helps increase approval rates for your employees transfer requests.

The experience and expertise help avoid errors that cause employee relocation disapproval. If you’re new to the employee relocation process, the probability of mistakes is high.

5. Centralization of the Employee Relocation Program

The employee relocation program is an involving process. Issues like compliance, costs control, housing, and planning need a team of workers.

If your company handles the relocation process, several HR workers will have to work on it. Failure of one team member fails the entire relocation program.
You don’t want that, right?

Outsourcing the employee relocation program centralizes the employee relocation program. The approach helps overlook each step of the progress. RMC’s provide consistent and coherent programs with minimal variations of individual interpretations.

Centralization of the process is the main benefit of using this program. It helps you watch the progress closely.

6. Reduced Employee Relocation Time

Recruitment agencies recommend companies for 3 to 6 months of relocation preparation time. Sometimes you cannot afford all this time. Certain situations mandate a short preparation time.

With a short time to prepare, several problems may arise. You don’t want that to happen.

Outsourcing the employee relocation program helps ease the problem. How?

The agents system of relocation breaks down the process with ease. Technology, systems of operation, and professional networks reduce relocation lead time.

Are you having time limitations for your employee relocation? Stop worrying and enjoy the benefit of outsourcing employee relocation program.

7. Sophisticated Technology

Technology is an integral part of life, including employee relocation program. Majority relocation companies value sound investment in sophisticated relocation technology.

The outsourcing program helps you enjoy the benefits of the technology systems by RMC’s like:

  • Real-time access to the employee relocation status
  • Budgeting and reporting tools.

It'll improve your relocation process and also offer a sense of control. The real-time access checks progress. Close monitoring ensures maximum representation of your interests.

The technological system offers a secure connection between the employee, client, and the company. It centralizes the communication processes through a single point of coordination.


Employee relocation program is a challenging process for many organizations. You'll need a review of a wide range of factors. They include policies, international services, and recruitment issues.

Despite the challenges, you want competent and unique talents to fill the job skills gap. Outsourcing the employee relocation program benefits your company. It'll reduce costs, accords expert knowledge, and create time for high impact services.

To enjoy these benefits, choose the right candidate.

To learn more about the benefits of outsourcing employee relocation program, keep visiting our website. We'll keep you informed all the way.