9 Key Reasons to Invest in SEO for Your Company

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 3, 2019

Jun 3, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

The most common reason for SEO for small businesses not being deployed as much as it should be is that people do not know where to begin. They are often sold snake oil by companies that want to milk them for their search engine ignorance.

All you need to remember is that Google wants user-friendly websites, ergo, if what you are doing is making your website more user-friendly, then you are probably on the right track.

Here are nine reasons why outsourcing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) makes sense.

1. The SEO for Small Businesses Basics Are Absolutely Essential

You wouldn't drive a car with no tires, and you shouldn't run a website without optimizing it for Google. There are many SEO benefits, but there is simply no point in having a website if you are not going to optimize it for Google.

The Google search engine is simply too big and too integral to online user life that you are cutting off your website’s legs if you do not optimize for Google.

2. Local Search Traffic Is Valuable and Easy to Get

SEO can be localized to attract people from your immediate area. It is one of many SEO advantages for companies that require a local footfall.

In many cases, Google will prioritize local companies over national ones. For example, you could be competing with the world’s most powerful hair salon company, but if you have a hair salon in your town and they do not, then your local SEO will put you at the top of a Google search.

3. It Can Be A Fairly Small and One-Off Investment

Many SEO companies stress the importance of repeated investment and the importance of SEO for small businesses, yet there is no need to make repeated investments.

Make an initial investment to optimize your website...and that is all you need.

If you would like to try some off-page SEO, then give that a try and wait a few months to see if there are any notable results. If there are, then maybe invest again.

Do not let companies badger you about the importance of SEO for small businesses and try to sell you subscription services that you do not need.

4. It Helps You Rank Up More Than Just Google

Many web tools and many apps use Google’s index in order to generate their results and/or data, which means optimizing your website for Google can help you rank up on other search engines and help you appear on other apps and web tools.

5. It Can Help Improve Your Conversion Rates

If your off-page and on-page SEO is in sync, you may start to draw intentionally-targeted traffic.

If that is the case, your website visitors become warm leads, which may help improve your conversion rates.

One of the benefits of SEO is that Google will probably do much of the work for you by sending targeted traffic to your website simply because you optimized it correctly.

6. Time Is Your Friend

Most types of advertising will expire pretty quickly, but one of the benefits of SEO is that your website only needs minor SEO updates over the years. Over time your website will become more search engine friendly rather than less.

Newer websites or newly optimized websites have to work harder to stay at the top of the Google search engine results. Older websites find it a lot easier to maintain their lofty position in the search engine results.

7. It Is Only Complicated If You Try to Cheat

Trying to cheat is tricky.

For example, some people try to cheat by signing up for 50 free Facebook profiles and then posting comments on their own websites with different proxies and VPN services, all while making sure they are from different email addresses and making sure that each reads as a human wrote it. That is how you may cheat to make your website or your social media posts look more popular than they are.

If you want to work with SEO, all you have to do is work to make your website more useful and user-friendly; because that is all Google is really interested in.

8. Make Your Website More User-Friendly

One of the easiest ways to gain SEO benefits is to make your website more user-friendly. Google typically penalizes websites that are user-unfriendly.

For example, an SEO company may fix up all your broken links, which makes your website more user-friendly, which means Google is more likely to rank you higher in its search engine results.

Fox News called SEO “Search Experience Optimization” and truer words have never been written. Think of SEO in those terms, and you will rank up the Google search engine results.

9. Outright Competing Isn’t Possible, but It Shouldn't Be Ruled out

The people who try to sell you on the competitive angle are selling you smoke.

You may be able to compete with your closest and smallest competitors, but you are only competing for the table scraps.

Large and branded companies have teams of people uploading, optimizing, and interacting on the internet, which means your search engine exposure will always be limited by comparison.

Even if you cannot compete as per open warfare, your SEO may allow you to snag traffic in a guerrilla warrior fashion such as with niche websites or niche online communities.

In any sense, there is a chance you can draw traffic from your competitors but there will be no chance if you do not make at least an on-page investment in SEO.

Conclusion - Invest in Yourself

The importance of SEO for small businesses has already been stressed but remember that you can make a big investment in yourself.

You can call in a third party to do the occasional bit of technical work if you wish, such as altering metadata on your website, but the best investment in SEO is to invest in yourself and learn how it all works.

Get to grips with the basics, as per the instructions given by Google themselves, and it will pay off over the years as you direct your websites into one that is more search engine friendly. 

Keep checking back for more blog posts to help your small business.