5 Serious Workplace Hazards You Shouldn't Ignore at the Office

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 3, 2019

Jun 3, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Working in an office is so much safer and more stress-free, right?

While this is true most of the time, it doesn't mean an accident can't happen.

In fact, workplace injuries cost business $151 billion every year. This loss comes from lost productivity, medical expenses, and wages.

So how can you prevent accidents from happening? The first step is to identify the causes and eliminate them.

Keep reading to learn six of the leading workplace hazards for an office.

1. Slip and Falls

Spills, icy parking lots, wet floors, and exposed cords.

All of these pose a hazard. Slip and falls are one of the most common causes of injuries and can lead to more severe injuries.

Learn more about catastrophic injuries and how they differ from less serious ones.

2. Repetitive Stress Injury

If your staff is sitting at a computer typing all day, they are causing potential damage to their wrists, hands, and arms.

Doing the same thing over and over can cause injury. Over time this can lead to arthritis and decrease a person's quality of life.

3. Eye Strain

Too much time in front of the monitor can cause problems with your eyes.

As you stare at a screen all day, your eyes will become dry and irritated. This strain can cause workers to lose focus.

Combat this by promoting your staff to take regular breaks from their monitors. These breaks aren't only good for health, but can also help worker productivity.

4. Injuries Due to Poor Ergonomics

We sit more than ever these days.

Much of the time, we don't do it right. Our office ergonomics are a significant factor here.

If you don't want your staff to get injuries due to ergonomics, then invest in equipment that helps.

Get your staff adjustable desks so they can stand part of the day.

If someone doesn't want to stand, then make sure their chair provides proper support. It should have excellent lumbar support and promote appropriate posture when sitting.

You can also teach your staff to sit in the correct position. Your arms should be in the right position when typing or using the mouse to prevent strain.

5. Electrical Injuries

Offices are getting more and more equipment.

We have computers, servers, printers, and other appliances. If you don't make sure that your equipment is safe, you can end up with shocks and burns.

Make sure your employees are trained to be careful around plugs and power outlets. You should also make sure you have everything wired correctly, and there aren't any live wires exposed.

Don't Let Workplace Hazards Get the Better of You

You go to the office and expect a safe place. But accidents can happen, so try to spot workplace hazards before someone accidentally stumbles on them.

You aren't just saving someone from sustaining an injury. You're also saving yourself money in the long run.

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