How to Keep Happy Employees (Without Offering More Pay!)

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jun 3, 2019

Jun 3, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Do you remember your most hated job?

Ask most people, and they can probably tell you horror stories about things they experienced at work. Why would you want someone talking about your business that way?

If you have a toxic environment, then you will have a hard time keeping your staff full. 60% of Americans said that they would take a job they loved with less pay over something they hated that paid more.

Are you at a loss over what to do to increase your worker morale? We've prepared a short guide to help.

Follow the five tips below to help make happy employees commonplace in the office.

1. Offer Flexible Scheduling

Is it necessary for your staff to be there during a typical workday?

It may be necessary for customer service positions, but what about the other people who work on their own?

Life happens, and giving your staff flexibility in their hours gives them better work-life balance. Let them pick and chose when they work best.

2. Give Employees More Responsibility

People enjoy growth. A workplace that allows you to grow is going to be more appealing than one where you feel stuck.

Allow your employees to take on new roles to expand their skillsets. These new roles not only keeps them more engaged but can also lead to new ideas that your other workers may not have considered.

3. Say Thank You

A little appreciation can go a long way.

How do your workers know they are doing a good job? You need to tell them, so they know they are doing good work.

You can also take time to celebrate achievements. Try hosting small get-togethers or parties whenever you hit company goals to allow your employees to celebrate.

4. Open Communication

Listening is key. You can't provide the environment your employees want if they don't tell you what they need.

Make sure you open yourself up to ideas your staff has.

When you build a culture of communication, it filters down to the entire organization.

People share ideas, work better together, and can resolve disputes easier.

5. Show Workers That You Have Their Back When Accidents Happen

Workers expect a safe environment when heading into work. They stay safe most of the time, but accidents do happen.

The question is, how are you going to deal with them?

Make sure your staff knows your workers' compensation procedure, so they know what to do about accidents.

Make sure workers comp mediation is available as well, so they have someone on their side during the process.

Don't Underestimate the Importance of Happy Employees

Money isn't the only thing that matters to people.

If you don't have happy employees, then you can run into trouble keeping people around. Happy workers are also lead to better morale. You get workers that are glad to be there and motivated to make your organization a success.

Treat your people right, and you will see benefits now and in the future.

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