3 Ideas for Marketing Initiatives for Investment Companies

Written by
Rebecca Smith

May 29, 2019

May 29, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

If you're in the marketing world, the chances are high that you groan every time an investment company contacts you for help with developing an ad campaign. 

It can be just as challenging to come up with ideas for marketing investment companies if you're the one selling the investments, too. 

Regulatory standards and compliance with FINRA and other institutions make it incredibly tough to have any kind of flexibility -- let alone make promises to investors -- when you're marketing. 

But it's possible to create engaging marketing initiatives for investment companies and even investment apps that don't break any rules. 

Read on to find out how. 

1. Focus on Experiences, Not Money

The top investment funds know that today's investors are focused less on the dollar amount that they make, and more on the experiences that having more money in their accounts allow them to enjoy. 

So, when you're coming up with marketing initiatives, focus on what having the extra income from an investment would allow a client to do. They could take more vacations. They could buy a better wardrobe. They could go back to school. They could even take better care of their loved ones. 

Since you're not promising a specific return rate or dollar amount, you shouldn't run into any regulatory issues. 

2. Show Diverse Investors 

Another great way to advertise your investment company or fund? 

Show that you cater to investors from all genders, races, religions, and -- this is a big one in today's world -- income brackets. 

For example, create a campaign that talks about why women should invest (and if you're really brave, you can even court controversy a bit here.)

Try saying something like, "Women: feel like you're losing control over your rights these days? Make sure you're in complete control of your money." You could even mention the gender pay gap, and have a slogan like, "Make up for that 80 cents on the dollar." 

Yes, this is a risk, but studies show that ads that take risks and address current social issues head-on are incredibly effective. 

3. Get Young

Sure, you want your investment company to get clients in the short-term. 

But you also need to think about the future of your business -- especially since younger people aren't investing at the same rates as past generations. 

This means you need to create ad campaigns that appeal towards younger people, that show younger people investing, and that highlight the possibility of investing with a smaller amount of money.

For example, fill your market in on early stage investing in the tech and startup worlds. Let them know that you offer sustainable and eco-friendly investing. 

Give the Marketing Initiatives on This List a Try

Whether your investment marketing initiatives focus on diversity or experiences, if you use the tactics in this list, you'll generate buzz about your firm without getting yourself into trouble with regulators. 

Looking for more marketing tips? Need to know how to hire the best representatives for your firm? Have you always dreamed of working in the investing world? 

No matter what side of the business you work in, we're here to help you do it better. 

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