Why Programmer Jobs are Becoming More In Demand This Year

Written by
Rebecca Smith

May 29, 2019

May 29, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

In today's world, computing is at the heart of everything we do. Whether it's using AI, 3D printing a computer, or spending a few minutes with your Mom on Facetime, computers are essential to our personal lives and our careers. 

As the computing industry has grown, so has the need for programmers and other IT professionals. They maintain the networks we rely on, improve their function, and come up with new ideas to lead us into the future.

In this article, we'll explore some high demand programmer jobs and why they are so important to companies around the world. 

Cybersecurity Specialist

Computer hackers are one of the biggest threats to companies around the world today. They can disrupt operations and steal tons of money and information in a short amount of time. Recently hackers attacked Equifax's system and stole the accounts of 146 million people, including social security numbers and credit card numbers. It was one of the largest hacks in history and Equifax is still dealing with the fallout more than two years later. 

Cybersecurity specialists are in high demand because of incidents like the Equifax hack. Hacks like these cost companies millions, or billions, of dollars and destroy their reputations.

This is a nightmare for any company, so companies are hungry for more cybersecurity experts. As incidents of hacking increase, the demand for cybersecurity specialists will continue to grow. 

Data Scientists

When companies need to find out what is trending or make a prediction about the future, they turn to data scientists. Data scientists use mass amounts of data to help their companies make decisions about their business plans by recognizing patterns. 

For example, a data scientist working for an app company can collect data about how much time users are spending on certain features and how often they are using them. Data like this helps engineers make future versions of the app or create new features. 

The interesting thing about data scientists is that they work in every major industry around the world. Data scientists use data to identify patterns, and they use those patterns to help companies and governments make decisions. It can also help companies plan for the future and avoid problems down the road.  

If you want to become a data scientist, the best way to learn data science is to learn to love data itself. Take some algebra and statistics courses so you can get a basic understanding of data to build on.  

Cloud Computing Engineers

How we use and interact with data is important, but how we store and access that data is important as well. In the past, we have stored our data, information, and programs on our personal physical storage devices, such as hard drives and USBs. 

Physical storage devices are useful because they are portable and convenient, but they can get damaged or stolen. And the loss of backup storage means losing important files, which is a problem for everyone.  

Cloud computing stores information on a network of interconnected servers. This ensures that the data can't get lost or destroyed if one of the servers breaks down. This makes cloud computing useful for storing and accessing information and data. But we can also use cloud computing to increase our computing power.

One computer uses the computing power of other servers and computers to share the workload, which increases its capability and speed. This is very useful to companies and individuals who need extra computing power and storage.

Cloud computing engineers develop cloud computing networks by increasing efficiency and capacity. With cloud computing spreading across the world, cloud computing engineers will be in high-demand as the technology increases in popularity.  

AI Developers and Engineers 

One of the most exciting areas of computing is the development of Artificial Intelligence or AI. AI is a computer learning system that learns and reacts like a human. It can record information, analyze it, and make its own decision. 

While many people think this means we are creating intelligent machines that are human-like, that isn't always the case. Businesses are using AI to collect and analyze huge amounts of complex data to create solutions faster. They also use it for speech and facial recognition and in robotics and self-driving cars. 

AI can speed up our learning, help us make decisions faster, and give us more information about the things we do. Companies around the world are in a race to create the best AI they can to take advantage of these benefits.

They need the top AI developers and engineers to create these systems and make them accessible for everyday people, and these jobs are in very high demand. 

Full Stack Developers

Developing software into a finished product is a long, complicated process. It requires in-depth knowledge of many different stages of development and the ability to problem-solve at each stage.

Usually, software engineers work in one area of development that they are experts in. But full stack developers are software engineers that develop software from beginning to end. They work on every stage of development because they have in-depth knowledge of software as a whole. 

These developers are in high demand because they have expertise in every area. This means they can work and communicate with different teams of developers. This increases the speed of software development and leads to the creation of a better product. 

Full stack developers work in almost every industry. From aviation to automobiles to food production, every industry needs full stack developers. This translates to plenty of jobs in many different industries, giving full stack developers their pick when it comes to looking for work. 

Programmer Jobs Are for Everyone

Programmers are the backbone of the technology industry and keep our society moving forward. Now that you've seen which programmer jobs are in high demand, you can start on your path to becoming a computer programmer. 

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