6 Simple Job Search Tips People Always Forget

Written by
Rebecca Smith

May 20, 2019

May 20, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Are you one of the 71% of Americans that is ready to change jobs? Or are you unemployed and on the ultimate job search? Regardless of your starting place, job hunting is not easy — it requires skill, perseverance, dedication, personality.

Do you have all these things and more? Because if you don't, the next person will. Don't let that scare you, though — let it motivate you to be the best and nail the best job.

How can you do that?

We've got a few tips that fellow job hunters seem to forget about sometimes. They could help put you ahead of the crowd — and every little bit counts. Here are some tidbits of advice to keep in mind as you're searching for the perfect position.

1. Update Your Resume and LinkedIn

Before you begin applying to positions online, make sure you've fully updated your work profile. Relay all current volunteer work, jobs held, school status, and more.

Likewise, make sure your resume is crisp, professional, and polished. Everything should not only be updated but should also match along all platforms.

2. And Then Get Offline

Oh yeah — did you forget that you can still apply for jobs in person?

It's really easy to apply for a job online. With a few clicks of the keypad, you've applied for ten jobs in one hour. It's convenient, yes, but it's not exactly personal.

Sometimes this doesn't matter. Sometimes you'll still land the job because the hiring software chose you or because the manager checks their email diligently.

But sometimes it really helps to just print your resume and walk into a building, ready to present yourself and make a great first impression.

3. Have Some Personality

Bringing your resume directly to the manager is one way to show your personality — but it's not the only way.

If you're applying for a position online, don't be afraid to type with some of your typical wit, humor, or stance on life. If you were born to stand out, why fit in, right? This could actually resonate with someone who's used to seeing bland emails.

4. Do Your Research 

When you nail an interview or a test, don't walk in empty-handed or under-prepared.

If you're offered a test, take your time doing it well — but in a prompt manner. If you're offered an interview, make sure you've done research on the company, its mission, the available position, and more.

Applying for a managerial position? Make sure you know the difference between the CRM software Hubspot vs Salesforce. Applying to a law firm? Know their trial history and collective expertise.

5. Talk to the People You Already Know

There might be a job right in front of you — but if you don't network, how will you know? You could have resources in your friends and family members.

Network yourself as if you're already a working professional out to meet new clients. Talk to people you admire or enjoy speaking with and see if they know anyone hiring. Offer to help people or assist at companies that need help, even if only temporary.

6. Be Consistent but Not Desperate

Lastly, show your interest without acting like you can't go on without them. Although you're likely an asset to the company, no one likes hopeless behavior. Market yourself as someone who's on top of their calendar but also productive.

On the Job Search? Follow These Tips

We wish you luck on your epic job search! Consider it an opportunity to start fresh, learn something new, and market yourself and your skills.

Keep on hunting with this fresh new knowledge. Search for the latest career opportunities here!