Boredom-Free Marketing Ideas: 3 New Ideas for the Burnt out Marketer

Written by
Rebecca Smith

May 14, 2019

May 14, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Are you banging your head against the wall to come up with new marketing ideas? Is it creating anything other than a bad headache for you?

We get it. Marketing is an ever-changing thing, and just because something works once, it doesn't mean it'll work again. It's enough to make the average person lose their mind (or at least need a nap).

But you don't have to keep trying the same things over and over again. You don't have to churn out 100% unique and 10-star quality content every day.

There are ways to give yourself a break, without losing customers. Learn about them below with our freakout free marketing ideas.

1. Repurpose and Rewrite Old Content

A lot of marketers face what we call "idea burnout". We live in a world that demands constant, high-quality content, and it's just not possible to do that all the time. We have to rest - and there are only so many ways to write interesting blog posts about (insert random product here).

But if you've been in the content marketing game for a while, as in like 1 or more years, you can reuse old content. In fact, there are SEO benefits to doing so.

People are not going to remember you posted this one or two years back. They likely wouldn't even remember if you posted it two months back. So don't worry about it on that end.

Unless it was your one viral post and it has millions of views. In that case, you should add on to that content, by making a follow up "2019 update" or "part two".

On the SEO side, revamping or rewriting old posts brings old pages up to the times. Updates give Google a new reason to crawl them, and it can boost your quality score and even your rankings.

Either go through and add a time-relevant update to the original post or have someone write on the same topic, with a different take. Then update the old page and link it to the new take.

That's double the amount of content you had and it's not much more work.

Now no - you can't go through and just add random words to old blog posts. Google will see right through that just so you know.

2. Join the Podcasters

Podcasting is so popular right now, that look, we just made it a verb. There are podcasts for every single niche you can think of. Jonathan Van Ness from Queer Eye has a famous one, but Katie Couric has one too.

You can listen to podcasts about people coming out as gay, to ones that detail the nitty-gritty breakdown of politics and religion.

And guess what podcasts need? Sponsors. By sponsoring a podcast, the person speaking will deliver an ad copy for you. If you're not into the idea of making your own podcast, this is the way to go.

Most podcast ads contain some sort of special, like "enter this code at checkout for 10% off".

If you know who your audience idolizes, then you know who to approach about podcasts. You can even start very generally by searching for something like "marketing podcasts".

If you want to make your podcast, it's not that expensive. You need a program like Garageband and the ability to edit sound files. You might want to get a quality microphone as well, but that's about all you need.

As for podcast content, what are your frequently asked questions? Start there. Then you can branch out by talking to people in the company, people who use your product, just general interest interviews - there's pretty much no limit to what you can do.

3. Spend More Time on Email Subject Lines

We all have the same ten emails in our inboxes right now, which are something like "You can't miss these deals!" or "Name, you're about to miss out!".

Those kinds of headlines are overused. Generally, it's the simple ones with either suspense or the promise of value that get clicked.

CVS, for example, has a pretty good rewards/email program. One email (that had a coupon in it) was simply titled, "Name, you deserve a reward".

You see how that subject line plays on emotion, like "Yes! I really do need a reward, I work hard!" and doesn't try to create an emotion that's not there (excitement)?

This is something that comes with time and practice. Once you discover what your audience likes, they'll get tired of it fast if you overuse it. Make sure you keep changing the subject lines and trying different strategies.

One easy way to see what's working (and not working) for you is to divide your past 100 email subject lines into two groups. Those that had a bad click rate (for your company) and those that did well.

Copy and paste one list at a time into a "word cloud" maker and see which words are doing you favors, and which aren't.

Or you could have your marketing company do it for you, read more here.

Breakdown-Free Marketing Ideas

These three tips should give you what, a two-day break from having to come up with new marketing ideas? Hey, you deserve a break (and an award, according to CVS).

The great thing is these boredom/breakdown/freakout free marketing ideas build on each other, which makes your job easier in the long run.

We're on your team. We want you to have all your brain cells and patience when you come home from work today.

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