10 Smart, Fun, and Creative Resume Ideas to Help You Stand Out from the Crowd

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jan 14, 2019

Jan 14, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

It's an applicant's job market right now given today's near-record unemployment rates of 4%. That means that recruiters are bending over backward to find qualified talent to fill their high-paying roles.

Just because you have a great chance of getting called in for an interview in today's market though doesn't mean that you will.

After all, competition is still fierce among applicants when it comes to desirable positions at big name brands.

In order to make sure your resume doesn't fade into the background on a recruiter's desk, we recommend doing your best to send in a creative resume as opposed to your run of the mill, Microsoft Word made, boring resume.

Here are some of our favorite tips on how you can give your resume that "umph" it needs to stand out.

1. Collapse Your Resume and Cover Letter into a Single Page

It's easy to take a resume and make it 3 to 4 pages long. Doing so takes no effort in the way of culling through your experience to ensure that what you're presenting to employers is relevant.

Instead of inundating recruiters with too much information, find creative ways to dilute your experience, contact information, introduction, etc. into a single page.

If you do, not only will employers take more time to read your resume but they'll also appreciate your consideration.

2. Include Your Photo

This is a creative resume tip that was hot over the last couple of years but has started losing steam.

Including a photo on your resume is a great way for recruiters to put a face to a name. Unfortunately, it also opens recruiters up to possible hiring discrimination lawsuits.

A lot of pf people still include their picture somewhere on their resume but you'll need to take the time to decide if this strategy is right for you.

3. Use Pops of Color That Match the Company's Palette

One of the easiest and most effective ways to make your resume pop is to give it touches of color.

Think of the number of black and white resumes recruiters go through every day... Now think of how much your resume would stand out just by having touches of blue, green, orange, etc. incorporated tastefully into its design.

For extra points, make sure your "pops of color" match the branding of the company you're applying for!

4. Digitize Your Resume

A growing trend in creative resumes is their being made fully available online. Even if you're not a master at website building, tools like WordPress and Adobe Spark make even the least tech-savvy of people capable of showing off their skills on the world wide web.

If you're required to send in a physical paper resume, having an expanded online resume and including the link to it on your physical resume can be a great idea to give recruiters a way to engage with you further.

5. Include Some Swag

Most people submit links to PDF versions of their resume to recruiters. For the person that's looking to go the extra mile though, mailing in your resume with some swag can be a good way to stand out.

The swag you send in with your resume doesn't need to be over the top. Something as simple as tying a bow with your contact information around your resume or sending in a custom button (which you can read more about on this blog) will do just fine.

6. Consider Your Industry

What does your industry do? What do they appreciate?

For example, if you're in animation, chances are your recruiters will appreciate a resume that includes illustrations. If you're in game development, it might be cool to make your resume look like a command prompt window.

Any little details you can throw into your resume to tie it back to the position you're applying for can go a long way.

7. Change Your Font

If you're sending in a resume that's using Times New Roman or Arial, stop. There's no better way to make sure that a recruiter just skims over your resume than to use the same font he/she has been seeing all day.

Pick a different, legible font for your resume and we promise that it will catch people's eyes much better.

8. Use Plenty of White Space

Nobody wants to look at a resume that is a wall of text. The best way to avoid "information overload" is to leverage some basic design skills and work some white space into your creative resume.

Breaking your resume up into clearly defined sections and adding clear headers over each of those sections will make your resume easier to read and will also help recruiters retain more info.

9. Get Infographic Friendly

People are visual by nature. That's why they love infographics.

If you don't know much about infographics, learn more about them here. After you're up to speed, think of some creative ways you can incorporate infographics into your resume's design.

10. Throw in a QR Code

Does your recruiter need more information? Let them know that the fastest way to get it is to scan the QR code you've conveniently included on the back or corner of your resume.

That QR code can take prospective employers to an expanded digital copy of your resume or to a contact form that they can reach you at.

Wrapping Up Smart, Fun, and Creative Resume Ideas to Help You Stand Out

There you have it! Our top choices for creative resume ideas that can help you jump to the top of an applicant pile.

Be sure to sprinkle our suggestions tastefully into your resume and to not go too overboard with adding flair.

Remember, at the end of the day, it's all about simplicity. Keep things clean, clear, and unique and you'll love the results you'll get!

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