Out with the Old, in with the New: 7 Inbound Marketing Examples You Need to Leverage

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jan 3, 2019

Jan 3, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

It used to be that you were in the minority if you decided to start a small business. Gone are those days.

Today, millions of startups crop up all over the globe on an annual basis. This massive influx of entrepreneurs has made it harder than ever for business owners like you to cut through the clutter and start engaging consumers.

One of the best weapons small businesses can wield to deal with all of the noise in the marketplace is inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing is an umbrella term that embodies a variety of techniques that are typically focused on creating lead generating content that is shared across the web.

Not sure where to start with our inbound marketing strategy? These inbound marketing examples and ideas should help you get on the right track...

1. Create Quality Content and Feature it On Your Website

The most basic form of inbound marketing is to create quality content that you feature on your website. This content will typically take the form of a blog post which can feature enticing images, videos, infographics, and other valuable information.

It's imperative that you pay special attention to the word "quality" when producing quality content.

There are a lot of people out there who make a living pumping out hundreds of sub-par articles in an attempt to game people into landing on their website. This strategy is seeing progressively less traction as search engines get smarter and users get pickier.

Learn more about this problem and other issues to avoid with inbound marketing.

2. Invest Time in Guest Post Content

Your website isn't the only place worth your content creation time. Other people's websites could be a good platform for your awesome content as well.

This may be one of our more counter-intuitive sounding inbound marketing examples, but we assure you it's not as crazy as it seems.

Sometimes when people have a big presence online, they want to sustain their presence without continuing to produce content for their website. To remedy this issue, they turn to guest posters to create content for them. Guest posters then get to put their content in front of a big audience and plug their personal website in the process.

The amount of exposure and the powerful backlinks you can get from guest posting can provide a tremendous return on your time investment.

3. Start Sharing on Social

Social media platforms like Facebook boast billions of followers. Given that reality, there are few places more effective (and freer) to share your inbound marketing materials.

Don't mistake this inbound marketing examples suggestion as a license for you to start spamming social media platforms with your marketing messages. Social media users are savvy and will reject being blatantly marketed to.

Instead, create inbound content pieces that are valuable to the social media community and only passively market to your followers. If you do, you'll enjoy more traction and will see rapid growth within your base.

4. Work Your Email List

One of the most powerful means of engagement when it comes to marketing is your email list. If you don't have an email list or aren't engaging your subscribers at least once per month, you're losing money.

To get started building out your email list, sign up with a service like MailChimp. Once you're done, create a website pop up form that entices people to join. You can also ask people to join your email list via social media or through other in-person mediums.

5. Always Have Call to Actions

Good inbound marketing examples are content pieces that provide consumers with a ton of value upfront without asking them for anything in return until they're satisfied.

This "asking for something in return" typically comes in the way of calls to action.

Call to actions are sections in your content pieces that ask readers, watchers, etc. to take a step further down your sales funnel.

For example, if you released a free article on how to plan a trip around the world, at the end of the article, you might ask people to join your mailing list. That ask will give you a more surefire return on your content creation investment.

6. Get Influences to Plug Your Stuff

Guest posting (as we discussed in our second point) is a great way to get in front of an influencer's audience. Another great and easier way to achieve that end is to just ask an influencer to plug your products and services themselves.

This will probably entail paying the influencer some sort of fee but in return would save you the time it typically would have taken to craft a guest post.

7. Don't Do Anything Without Understanding SEO

No matter which of our inbound marketing examples sound like the best course of action for you, make sure that you understand SEO before doing anything.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. That term describes the process of focusing the content you produce on certain keywords that will allow your marketing pieces to surface high on Google's search engine results pages.

Given that Google fields over 5 billion searches per day, being in Google's good graces is well worth your time.

Wrapping Up Inbound Marketing Examples You Need to Leverage

Getting involved on social media and incorporating SEO into everything that you do are just two of the many inbound marketing examples you should begin utilizing to grow your business' online presence.

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