Hit The Jackpot As A Digital Content Strategist In 2019: Here's How

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jan 7, 2019

Jan 7, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Whether you know it or not, you're already a content creator. Every status you post, message you tweet, and blog post you publish constitutes content.

So why aren't you getting paid for it?

Companies are in need of people like you to help create great content and bring attention to their brand.

And doing so can be quite rewarding. According to Payscale, the average content strategist brings in around $60,000 per year.

Ready to get started? Here's how you can start 2019 with a new career as a digital content strategist.

What Does a Content Strategist Do?: Understanding Your New Position

The title 'content strategist' may seem fairly self-explanatory. But there's a lot more to the role than a lot of people realize.

Here's a quick overview of the content strategist job description as well as the skills you'll need.

Strategists are first and foremost responsible for the organization and execution of content. This often begins with in-depth audits and inventories of current content and practices.

Strategists also understand that great content should help a business' overall goals. As a result, they're great at generating content that delivers leads instead of only clicks.

Finally, you'll need a healthy dose of psychology skills. A great content creator understands what makes a reader tick. They know how to balance the fine line between entertaining and engaging while still helping a business' bottom line.

Pay Attention to the Media You Consume

To become a better content creator, you'll need to think about how you as a consumer enjoy the content.

As you unwind with a little television before bed or read your favorite blog, start to ask yourself questions about what you're engaging with.

Here are a few questions to help you think about media in a more critical fashion:

  • What is this piece of content saying?
  • What is it trying to get me to do?
  • What common marketing tools is the creator employing?
  • Do I find these tools engaging? Why or why not?

Thinking about your media consumption from a different viewpoint can help you better understand your role as a creator.

Create Great Content

You'll need to wow employers with your content creation skills, so find out how to create a digital marketing plan of your own and get to work.

It doesn't need to be complex. A blog or YouTube channel are great ways to build your personal brand while getting valuable experience.

What matters is that you create content on a consistent basis and have the metrics to show that your content tracks.

That last aspect is particularly important. Make sure you're keeping track of your content's performance.

Showing an employer that you tweaked an unknown blog and drove traffic by 1,000% is more impressive than stating that you increased traffic. Numbers matter, so document everything.

Enjoy an In-Demand Career as a Content Strategist

As the competition for audience attention becomes more fierce, companies are going to need to help of a content strategist like you to help deliver results.

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