What to Look for When Hiring a New Aide for Your Senior Home Care Business

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jan 8, 2019

Jan 8, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Running a senior home care businesses can be very rewarding and lead to great success. One piece of good news for anyone running a home care business is that they aren't burdened by the most common cause of failed businesses. There is always a need for them.

A problem that they do have is hiring the proper staff. How do you sort out the good candidates from the bad? In the paragraphs below, we'll tell you about some of the things you should look for in a potential candidate.

Know What You Need

What type of care agency are you running? Is it medical or non-medical? This is important because each type of business will need a slightly different type of employee. A medical agency will need to hire candidates that have a medical degree, preferably a CNA or an RN.

A CNA is a certified nursing assistant. This is a type of medical professional who can perform a wide range of basic medical tasks and who take their orders from an RN or another more professional nurse. Most services you will need in a home care aide can be performed by a CNA.

If you are running a non-medical agency, then you might not want to hire a CNA because they would command a higher salary than average for a skill set that your patients aren't likely to need.


The first thing to look for in any candidate is experience. If somebody has worked in a nursing home or taken care of an aging relative, they've probably picked up a few skills that will be useful in this job.

This is especially true when it comes to CNAs and other medical professionals. A degree tells you they've made it through college. Experience tells you they're able to handle real-life situations.

If you're hiring for more administrative roles, it may be best to look for someone who can operate care home management software.


When dealing with any kind of patient, and seniors especially, one of the key skills is patience and a cool demeanor. One of the worst traits a caregiver can have is a short temper.


The final thing to look for in a potential aide is caring. Someone who has no desire to actually help the people they're working with likely won't be a great employee. Somebody with a real passion for their job will do higher-quality work than someone who doesn't.

Taking Care of Your Home Care Business

There are a lot of potential things to look for when hiring an aide for your home care business, but three of the biggest ones are experience, a calm demeanor and a caring personality. These are the people who will consistently deliver great work. If you want more information about home care businesses, we encourage you to do more research.

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