The Gift that Keeps on Giving: 5 Branded Products to Give Your Employees this Holiday Season

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jan 4, 2019

Jan 4, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

If you're a part of almost any modern office, your coworkers are more than just coworkers. Your boss isn't just the person that gives you assignments. Instead, you're part of a family.

And, like any family, your coworkers are probably plotting to start giving gifts for the holidays. There is hardly ever an office holiday party that doesn't involve a gift exchange of some kind. And while exchanges may give you the chance to tailor your gift to make it more personal for someone, that's not always possible.

Sometimes, gifts can't be personal. Branded products are one of the best substitutes for when you can't give someone, or the whole office, what they want. And since they work at the company that's branding the gifts, they'll be proud to own them.

These gifts can include keychains or phone cases. Portable hard drives, flash drives, or even Bluetooth speakers are all great gifts! Not only will they show off your company's brand, but they're all just fun gifts to get!

Keep reading below for five branded gifts that will ensure you make a mark with your employees, coworkers, and entire office family!

1. Headphones and Bluetooth Speakers Say The Best Things

Every office has the one person who pops in a pair of headphones and gets lost in their work. It's like their music fuels them throughout the day as they work tirelessly on their assignments. Not only is it just enjoyable, but listening to music at work can also boost productivity.

By giving the people in your office Bluetooth speakers, you can give everyone the gift of music. However, everyone blaring their tunes while people are trying to work may not make for the best office environment.

Instead, you can give people branded headphones. Especially now that wireless headphones are entering the mainstream, branding them will spread your company's name far. People wear them everywhere, and since they're such an uncommon office gift, you're sure to make a mark.

2. Give the Gift of Safety During the Holidays

One of the best gifts you can give people is the gift of a good time. Who doesn't love a party, especially one with people they see each and every day?

By organizing a huge office party, you're doing more than just letting people blow-off work-related steam. You're giving everyone a chance to get to know each other better. By hosting a good holiday party, you're giving everyone in the office a chance to see what people are like outside the office.

Holiday parties are where new friendships may be kindled. It's where people may first begin to realize they don't just have a position in some company. Instead, they have an important role to play in other people's lives, outside of work. They're family.

However, it is possible for everyone to have too much fun. Drinking and driving is, unfortunately, more common around the holidays. So it isn't enough just to bring everyone together and buy them drinks.

You should also give people the gift of safety and sponsor their rides home. Read more here if you want some ideas on how to make sure everyone is safe after your holiday party.

You could even temporarily brand the car they're driven back in!

3. A Good Backpack is The Most Unexpected and Appreciated Office Gift

If you work in a modern office, chances are that you lug a backpack with you from home. Inside them are some of the most valuable things people need to do their work. People trust their bags to hold their computer, books, and other equipment that nobody can work without.

So if your office is putting so much faith in their bags to protect their items, why not make sure they can trust it? Giving them a branded bag will help accomplish two things in the office.

First, a branded bag shows that you want to ensure employees can comfortably do their jobs. It'll show them that, no matter who you are, you understand what it's like to be in their position. A good, sturdy backpack will show them that you care about them outside the office, and they'll remember that every time they zip it open.

Second, a backpack travels wherever an employee or coworker goes. That means that by putting your brand on it, your essentially getting free mobile advertising. If they take a trip across the country and take their bag, then the people in whatever city they go to will learn about your company.

4. Leather Notebooks Are Sleek, Useful, and Fun

When's the last time you had an idea for something great and needed to write it down? Or you needed to take some quick notes at work, but didn't have any paper handy? A leather notebook can help in both of these situations.

Stylish notebooks have come into fashion in coffee shops and offices across the world. People use them as crucial tools to jot down notes about their next great idea or to take quick notes. Notebooks have become launching pads for people looking to get work down.

You can help people realize their ideas and plan them out by getting them a branded leather notebook. Not only will people be more inclined to use it's just fun to show off, but by branding it, you'll help make a name for your company.

Your company will be associated with the kind of people who use leather notebooks. And those people are usually professional, successful, and smart. Just like you.

5. Branded Products Can Include Trinkets Too

There's nothing wrong with getting people a branded coffee mug, or branded flash drives. These smaller and cheaper items have been so successful for a crucial reason. People actually use them.

Coffee fuels the modern workforce, so a coffee mug would be a great gift for your office-mates. Files are also constantly being transferred between people, making flash drives quintessential. Even pens can find their way into anyone's pocket.

And if all those things are branded, then your gift will be more than a genuine show of appreciation. They will help boost your company's reputation and stature over time.

Get Yourself the Gift of A Day Off

Most of all, make sure you and everyone else in your office can have fun over the holidays. They are a time to forget about the rest of the world, to forget about work. And gift-giving is just a small part of that.

So take some time off and don't be afraid to relax. The best kind of branded gift you can give yourself is a day away from work, relaxing with friends. You shouldn't treat the holidays like work, you should treat them like the carefree time they're meant to be. So ditch the branded products for yourself, and schedule a day for your own brand!

And if you find that you need celebration ideas during your days off, keep reading here. We will always post some of the best holiday celebration ideas to make your time with friends, away from work, the most fun it can be!

And when you're done relaxing, tune into our podcast! We'll let you know what you missed to start you off on the right foot after the holidays.