9 Ways an Executive Coach Can Improve Your Management Skills

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Dec 11, 2018

Dec 11, 2018 • by Rebecca Smith

So, you think you're a successful businessman? Did you know you could be even more successful than you are now? That's probably really hard to believe.  

The truth is, if you hire an executive coach they will be able to keep you on the track of success that you are on now. You'll have the confidence you need to keep going in the cutthroat world that is business and if you're working hard and not seeing a profit, they can help you with that too. 

Here are 9 good reasons why if you've considered adding an executive coach to your work life, you should go ahead.

1. You're Doing Well for Yourself 

If you're doing well for yourself now is the time to hire an executive coach to help you stay on the path of success. The truth is, you can feel successful, but actually be stuck. 

A coach will be able to give you the push and pointers to take you to the next level of your career and keep you moving up. So just because you're making good money now, doesn't mean you couldn't be making more. 

2. You Don't Think You Need One 

If you tell yourself you don't need a coach, chances are you actually do. Ask yourself this: are you getting the most out of your work team? 

Sometimes you find yourself frustrated because your team just isn't giving you the ideas you want. If you're dependent on these ideas to succeed, then you probably need a little guidance. A coach can give you this guidance and help you make the most of the team you're given. 

3. You're Productive But You're Not Getting Anywhere

Do you feel like you're working your hardest but you're just not getting anywhere? This might be because you're not sinking your time into the right tasks. A coach can help you with this. 

A good executive coach can help you strengthen your time management skills and help you prioritize tasks which need to be done. Your problem might also be from your team asking you questions throughout the day. Let your coach handle these questions so you can focus on getting things done. 

4. You're always Working

All work and no play makes you, well, very tired. Being tired makes you frustrated, and you may take this frustration out on your team. This might be fair if you're constantly staying late to clean up their messes.

Executive coaching can help you gain the leadership skills you need to lead your team in the right direction and keep them from making mistake after mistake. A good coach will even help you with your hiring process so you hire more dependable people.  

5. Your Team Makes You Scream

Speaking of your team, do they make you want to tear your hair out day after day? Do they not seem motivated or always show up late to work? If your answer is yes to any of these, then you have a problem. 

The problem could be that you aren't hiring dependable people, or it could be because your work culture isn't the greatest. Whichever issue you're having, an executive coach can help you figure it out and fix it. 

6. You're Achieving Your Goals 

Achievements are worth celebrating, especially if you're meeting each goal you set for yourself, but you might be selling yourself a little short. If you're easily meeting all your goals you could be doing even more. 

A coach will help you set goals which are a little more challenging and help you meet them. Wouldn't it feel more satisfying if you accomplished a goal that actually made you sweat a little? 

7. Increased Accountability

Sometimes it can be a little hard to motivate yourself to meet your deadlines and goals, so you come up with excuses for your actions that sound fair when you play it back to yourself in your head.  

If you have an executive coach, this causes you to have to think about what they would say if you gave them the same excuse you're giving yourself. If you know their reaction isn't going to be a good one, then chances are your excuse isn't a good one either. 

8. You'll Have More Confidence 

Our worst enemy is our own minds. Sometimes you talk yourself down because you can't see the end of the goal ahead of you or you can see the end but it's not a good one. This can limit your potential because you'll stop trying before you begin. 

A coach can help you see the end in a positive light, and help paint a better picture. This will give you the confidence you need to not give up and see your goals through. 

9. You've Thought About Hiring a Coach 

If you've ever thought about hiring an executive coach but stopped yourself, then you probably need one. You may be scared of taking the leap, thinking you don't have the time or you just aren't ready to put the work into it. 

Don't be hesitant; a coach will be able to sense your comfort level and won't push you past it. They exist to work with you, not scream drills in your ear. 

Get Ahead with an Executive Coach 

If you feel like you aren't seeing the success you want, or you are meeting your goals but know you can do much more, it's time to hire an executive coach. They can give you the push you need to get ahead in your career field and put you where you want to be in life.

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