How To Become A Metadata Analyst For Movie-Streaming Services

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Sep 8, 2020

Sep 8, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

The world is fast-changing, and today most people are streaming their favorite music, TV shows, and movies on streaming services like Netflix, Sony Pictures, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. 

Finding content to view can be quite difficult if you are using these streaming services for the first time. That is where a metadata analyst comes into your rescue. 

A metadata analyst works to curate the metadata around the streaming service's film catalog, stock footage, and internal databases. His work entails watching movies, for example, and assigning them tags that entail crew members' information, release date, cast, genre, etc. 

They also work around analyzing different characters in a movie and describing them relative to the movie theme.

Being a tagger or metadata analyst for a movie streaming company takes a lot. In this article, we look at some unique traits that you should have to become a tagger.

Your Journey To becoming A Tagger: What It Entails 

If you have a passion for becoming a metadata analyst, nothing can stop you. As a tagger, you'll be paid to watch Netflix, but that doesn't come for free. 

For instance, if Netflix hires you as their metadata analysts, they give you the first exercise to determine your passion and proficiency for the work. The company gives you writing exercises intending to test your skills.

Being a tagger for companies like Hulu and Netflix is like being a librarian. You have to ensure that information is classified properly and accessible by any user. To ensure your work is always smooth, you must research an array of movies, TV shows, series, etc., to find out their unique features and similarities.

Most professional taggers will advise you to get into the archival library first with a film program. Getting some experience in the library can help you become the best tagger. Besides, analysts use a combination of software to perform their task of categorizing movies like VPN for Roku or the Alation Data Catalog. 

You can learn how to brainstorm and come up with some new tips on how to highlight new content. Also, algorithms change with time, and that means you have to keep yourself updated.

A downside of this job that most people will not mention is that you'll be spending most of your time on screens. Imagine watching movies like ten hours every day. The monotony of this work is sometimes at its peak. You have to find a way of resetting your mind to remain productive.

How You Get Hired For The Metadata Analyst Job 

Getting hired as a tagger for most movie-streaming companies is never a walk in the park. You have to prove that you have what they need for this job.

If you intend to work as a remote tagger, you must prove that you have the discipline to deliver your targets with minimal supervision. You also have to be more flexible.

Most movie-streaming companies advertise for vacancies online. You can always apply for this job if you believe you have what they are looking for. If you want to get paid for watching movies by Netflix and other companies, you should have an education and meet the specs set by the company and.

Most companies will specify that ideal applicants should have a degree in film production, directing, and screenwriting. You are better placed to land the job if you have worked as a metadata analyst in a movie studio. 

5 Unique Attributes Of Metadata Analysts 

1- They Have Years Of Experience

If you want to become a tagger with any movie-streaming company, you must have years of experience in this field. Metadata is not just a single concept; it requires you to have administrative, descriptive, and structural skills. You only get these skills after working on several game projects.

Metadata analysts create discovery information and basic identification when they work with descriptive data. Their work entails working with more than one type of metadata. To have all these skills and secure a job with a movie streaming service, you must have some experience.

2- Consistency Is Their Secret Weapon 

Most metadata analysts have a passion for being consistent in their work. They strive to ensure consistency while focusing more on spotting the association between different types of data and establishing the relationship. 

As a metadata analyst, you must strive to achieve some uniformity in your work. Being uniform helps you to analyze and store your data in a more useful way.

3- They Advocate For Information Sharing 

A metadata analyst is quite a unique profession. When you are a metadata analyst, you want the information you have to reach a larger audience. 

It means you strive to share the data with clients and colleagues to make it more accessible to most users.

4- Always Working As A Team 

Teamwork is another unique attribute that most taggers will possess. Working as a team can help any organization to achieve some level of productivity and realize ROI in the shortest time possible. 

That said, most metadata analysts will always partner with others to make their work successful. 

This is perhaps the reason they ensure consistency, uniformity, and originality in their work. Most movie-streaming companies have their team of taggers they work with, and you must be ready to collaborate across the table if you want to join them. It makes it easier for every tagger to adhere to protocols and standards that the company sets.

5- Analysts Are One Step Ahead

Metadata analysts must have an eye for the future. Of course, most of the work in this profession will involve helping the company ceil its efficiency and performance. 

You'll be in charge of making the company information accessible and useful now and in the future. As a way of planning for the future of metadata, creating guidelines, and handling data, you have to work with those in the digital preservation field. 

Final Thoughts 

If you want to become a tagger with any movie-streaming service provider, you must have the right skills, have some media experience, and be ready to work for long hours on screens. 

It takes a lot to become a tagger, and this article has highlighted some unique features you should have to grow a career in this industry.