Boost Sales With These Best Colors for Print Advertising Materials

Written by
Rebecca Smith

May 11, 2020

May 11, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

Color psychology is an emerging field of study that seeks to understand how different colors can affect us mentally and emotionally.

While we're still trying to figure out the "why," we've got a pretty good grasp on the "what." In other words, we've begun to understand what different colors make us feel, even if we're not entirely sure why.

Because color does elicit emotion, it's important to give color schemes consideration before crafting print advertising pieces. The last thing you want is to design the perfect label and ad campaign but set the wrong tone with your color choices.

Read on to learn more about which color palettes you should use in your print advertising.

The Power of Print Advertising

In the digital age, we often think of print as obsolete. Why go through the lengths of picking paper, budgeting out resources for printed materials, and compiling physical addresses? Wouldn't it be easier to send out a mass email campaign or focus on social media?

The reality is that print is still an important form of marketing. It is oftentimes the best way to break through to your target audience, who likely wades through a sea of online marketing materials every day. Print advertising is more tangible and sends the message that the recipient is important to your company.

Learn more about the power of print advertising before you create your new paper campaign.

Boosting Your Marketing Materials with Color

The goal of advertising is to spark emotion and create solutions for your audience--even if they didn't know they had problems that needed solutions in the first place.

The trick is to ensure that you're sparking the emotion you intended to spark. You may have fantastic copy and gorgeous imagery but none of that will help you if you're using that wrong color palette!

First, think about your target audience. Who are they? How do they want to feel? Next, read on to learn about the evocative nature of different color schemes to determine which one is right for you.

The Youthful and Energetic Color Scheme

Orange elicits feelings of youthfulness, vitality, and friendliness. It is a warm color that creates excitement and joy.

Yellow is energetic, happy, and playful. Like orange, yellow reminds us of youthfulness. 

Together, yellow and orange tell us that the advertised product or service is going to bring out our inner child or renew our energy. It is a great color scheme for youthful entertainment like amusement parks and concert venues. It is also a good choice for fitness programs and health products that are specifically designed to increase our energy.

The Tranquil and Natural Color Scheme

Blue makes us feel relaxed and tranquil but it also makes us think of responsibility and stability. In other words, we associate the color blue with the feeling that we can take on the world--without feeling overwhelmed.

Green may lead us to think about finances but it also reminds us of nature, health, luck, renewal, and balance. We tend to think of green as one of the major power colors of advertising because it generates nothing but positivity.

Unsurprisingly, a green and blue color scheme will generate success for any company offering eco-friendly solutions or products. However, it is also a great color scheme for banking resources, self-care products, medical centers, and political campaigns. If what you're advertising is a tangible way to create positive change, you'll find success with a combination of green and blue.

The Passionate and Luxurious Color Scheme

Purple is, as most of us know, the color of royalty. It evokes feelings of luxury, mystery, wealth, and intrigue.

Red is most often associated with passion, promise, warmth, confidence, and even danger.

Together, purple and red tell your audience that your product or service promises high-end adventure and is the gateway to a more spontaneous and passionate life. This is a great color scheme for luxury vacation clubs and resorts, cosmetic companies, makers of indulgent treats, or anyone in the nightlife industry.

The Soft and Feminine Color Scheme

The right shade of pink (usually on the lighter side) generates feelings of softness, femininity, sweetness, and comfort. Note that a hotter, brighter pink tends to create feelings more akin to red tones. 

A light, pastel pink pairs well with just about any pastel. Taking any of the colors we've already discussed and going with a lighter shade can do very fun things to the imagination. You'll get similar feelings, only softer and more subdued.

For example, a pastel green may elicit feelings of birth and creation as a facet of renewability. Pastel yellow leans harder into playfulness and joy than bouncing-off-the-walls energy.

This soft color scheme will call to an audience seeking comfort, sweetness, and feminine joy. It's a great color scheme for bakeries, florists, and makers of baby products, natural cosmetics, and loungewear. 

Set the Right Mood and Land More Sales

If you want to convert your print advertising into real sales, make sure that you're setting the right mood.

Think of what your target audience is looking for and how they want to feel. Then, pick the color scheme that matches those emotions and desires for your marketing materials. That way, they associate those emotions and desires with your product or service!

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