How to Ace a Job Interview: 7 Tips to Help You Land Your Dream Job

Oct 24, 2018

Oct 24, 2018

No matter how many interviews you've been on in your life, they are always nerve-wracking, especially when it's for a job you really want!

But the fact of the matter is, interviews are just a part of working life, much like paying taxes. There's no escaping them, so you may as well prepare for them as best you can.

For 7 expert tips on how to ace a job interview, read it all in this blog.

How To Ace a Job Interview With 7 Simple Tips

As soon as you walk into an interview room, your palms begin to sweat and you may feel a little jittery. Nerves are only natural, but one way to conquer them is to remember that your interviewer is a regular person, just like you.

This means that, yes, even they had to go for an interview at some point in their career. Also, they are most likely affected by the same preferences and cognitive biases as everyone else.

By keeping this interview psychology in mind, you are already on the right track to acing your interview!

Here are 7 more important tips to help you land your job of dreams...

1. If Possible, Schedule Your Own Interview Time

If you're offered the opportunity to schedule your own interview date and time, you've already got the upper hand.

Generally, an interview is scheduled around the best date and time for your interviewer - not what's best for you. So keep this in mind when choosing your interview time.

According to experts, the best time to schedule an interview is in the morning, but not too early. For example, a Tuesday at 10.30 am would be the ideal time.

Why? Because your interviewer is a little more relaxed after their morning rush of tasks and has most likely had a cup of coffee or two!

Try and avoid very early morning or late afternoon interviews when an interviewer is either on edge or a little too tired/distracted.

2. Choose Your Interview Outfit Carefully

The clothes and colors you choose to wear to your interview can greatly impact the impression your interviewer develops of you.

Research has found that different types of colors portray different perceptions. In fact, interviewers far and wide highly recommend blue and black as the best interview colors to consider.

Bear in mind that the following colors tend to portray the following personality traits and perceptions:

  • Blue: a key team player
  • White: professional and organized
  • Gray: analytical and logical
  • Brown: dependable
  • Red: power and passion
  • Green, yellow, orange and purple: creative

Just to be safe, steer away from bright, multi-colored wardrobe items and stick to the blues, blacks, and grays! See more here for great examples of interview outfits.

3. Keep Your Interviewer's Age in Mind

As soon as you meet your interviewer, it's important to keep their age in mind when it comes to your answers.

Generally, interviewers want to hear answers based on their generational age and what may appeal most to their own subconscious beliefs.

It's important to conduct yourself differently based on each generational range. Here are a few examples to help you out:

  • Interviewers between 20-30 years old: highlight your multi-tasking, team player abilities
  • Interviewers between 30-50 years old: highlight your creative ability and the importance of a good work-life balance in your success
  • Interviewers between 50-70 years old: emphasize that you're a hard worker and how much you respect their business

If there's more than one interviewer in the room, do a quick recon of their ages and pay attention to how you answer each of their questions individually.

4. Pay Attention To Your Body Language

Body language really has the ability to make or break the success of your interview. So pay close attention to the vibe your body language portrays.

Sitting with folded arms across your chest is a major no-no, as this portrays disinterest and even arrogance. Remember to sit upright, try not to slouch and place your hands on the desk in front of you.

Better yet, you can also go for the ''chameleon effect'' which works to mimic the body language of your interviewer (no, they probably won't notice!).

Example: if your interviewer is sitting forward, with their hands on the desk, try and do the same but in a similar sort of position. This is a psychological tip which works to convince your interviewer to like you better.

5. Be Confident, But Not Over-Confident

There is a fine line between being confident and arrogant and many people fail to know the difference. Don't be one of those people as this could severely affect your success rate!

The key to portraying the perfect amount of confidence is by striking a balance between deference to your interviewer and self-promotion.

In other words, complementing and acknowledging the company on its successes, then linking this back to your own successes.

Be confident in your ability to guide the conversation between admiring the company's work and promoting your own.


6. Research the Company Beforehand

This is a really important part of any interview process.

Adequate preparation and research is key to portraying that you truly care about the company and have made the effort to learn more about who they are.

By researching the company's history, values and core functions this means you have a better understanding of your target audience during your interview.

This also means you won't look like a fool when you're asked questions about the company and what they do!

7. Prepare Questions For Your Interview

Towards the end of the interview, you will most likely be asked if you have any questions for them. By preparing a couple of meaningful, well-thought-out questions it shows you have a genuine interest in the company and your potential future with them.

However, remember not to ask about salary or employee perks and benefits as these subjects are considered taboo in first interviews!

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