10 of the Best Team Building Activities and Games for Employees

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Apr 27, 2020

Apr 27, 2020 • by Rebecca Smith

According to Forbes, office comradery can boost your workers' happiness, lower stress levels, and increase engagement and company loyalty. 

The question is, how do you build positive relationships in the workplace? Team projects may help but starting outside of the office may be better.

Playing team-building games for employees is a great way to help your workers let their guards down, have some fun, and get to know each other.

Read on for 11 great team-building games you can try out to boost office comradery.

1. The Egg Drop

This is a great game to play at work if your office building has two or more stories. Divide employees into teams of two or more and give them supplies like bubble wrap, tissue paper, empty boxes, and more. Then, give each team an egg.

The goal is for teams to build a protective casing for their egg so that when it's dropped from a second-story (or higher) window, it doesn't break!

2. Drawing Blind

In this exercise, employees are paired off and seated back to back. One person holds a drawing while another holds a pen and a blank sheet of paper. The object is to build on communication skills as the employee holding the drawing describes what they're looking at for the other employee to recreate.

The catch? The employee with the drawing can't use any words that could give away what they're describing. Instead, they must describe individual shapes and try to explain how those shapes are placed in relation to another.

3. Two Truths and a Lie

This is a fun game that gives everyone in the office the opportunity to reveal a bit more about themselves while also showing off their silly side! You can divide employees into teams or let everyone play in one big group.

Each employee thinks of two facts that are true about themselves (ie a famous person they've met or a strange place they've visited) and makes up something that isn't true. Everyone must then guess which of the three statements is a lie!

4. Charades 

Many of us have played charades which makes this an easy one to explain to employees. All you need is some slips of paper with things like movie titles, animals, and famous people written on them. One person on a team draws a slip of paper and silently acts out clues that will help their teammates guess what is written on the paper.

5. Mine Field

This is a good game to play during a company picnic! Bring twenty-thirty noticeable or brightly colored items to a park or field and strew them across the ground. Divide your employees into teams of two.

One teammate is to be blindfolded while the other gives them verbal clues to get across the field without stepping on any of the objects you've laid out. This is a fun game to motivate employees to work together!

6. Eye Contact

This game is pretty awkward--which is the whole point! Divide employees into teams of two and tell them to hold eye contact for 30 seconds. If either smiles or laughs before the 30 seconds is up, they're out!

Pair off winners from each team until you've reached two remaining players. This time, make them hold eye contact for 60 seconds. Whoever wins is the eye contact champion!

7. Story Building

Print out enough pictures for each employee to get one. Assign each person a picture and then tell them to work together to put the pictures into a sequence that tells a story with an introduction, problem, climax, solution, and end. This is a fun way to motivate your employees to converse openly and work as an office to think creatively together!

8. Balloon Pop

If you're working with a fairly new team or a team who usually works remotely, use the balloon pop game to help break the ice. Give each employee a balloon, a piece of paper, and a pen or marker. Tell them to write a question on the piece of paper, put the paper into the balloon, and blow the balloon up. 

On the count of three, every employee will throw their balloon up into the air and catch a balloon other than their own. Once everyone has a balloon, tell them to stand in a circle. One at a time, they will pop the balloon they've caught and answer the question inside.  

9. Escape Room Challenge

Using an escape room for team building is a great way to get out of the office and into a hilarious situation! Escape rooms are a growing business trend that provides groups of people with a room full of clues, prompts, and a mystery to solve. Once everyone is locked in a room together, they'll be sure to work as a team to solve the mystery and escape the room!

10. Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts are a great way to encourage teamwork and help newer employees to get to know their workplace a little better. Start by giving each employee a clue that only makes sense when paired with someone else's. That way, from the start, they'll communicate with one another about their clues and what they might mean.

Put another half-clue with each treasure so that your employees work together in bigger and bigger groups to find everything in the scavenger hunt!

Use Team-Building Games for Employees and Boost Office Morale

When you use some of these games for employees, you help people get to know each other and learn how to communicate better. In turn, you boost office morale by ensuring that everyone feels welcomed and comfortable!

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