8 Fun and Unique Workplace Event Ideas Your Employees Will Love

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Dec 12, 2019

Dec 12, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

More than half of employees in the United States are unhappy in their job

Only 15% of employees are engaged in their work. Disengaged teammates equal lost revenues and reduced productivity. 

There are several ways that employers can amp up engagement in the office. Team-building activities and socializing outside of business talk can help boost morale. These activities can break up the monotony of the workday and increase productivity. 

The possibilities for workplace activities are endless. We've put together a list of our absolute favorites.  Keep reading for some fun office event ideas to shake things up at work.

Host a Chili Cook-Off or Bake-Off

Do you have a lot of talented chefs in the office? A chili cook-off or bake-off could be a fun in-office event. No one will need to take time out of their busy post-work life to attend.

Send out memos or hang posters in the weeks leading to the event. Tell your employees what day to bring their best chili or baking recipe. Be sure to provide everyone with an anonymous way to vote for their favorite. 

Spirit Days

We all remember spirit days from our time in elementary school. They were often the most fun days of the year, seeing what crazy outfits your classmates could concoct.

You can try to recreate that excitement by encouraging everyone in the office to dress up once a month. Here are some ideas you can incorporate:

  • Tacky Tourist Day.
  • Sports Jersey Day.
  • 80s Day.
  • Patriotic Day.
  • Crazy Hair Day.

If your office is more professional, you can always try Dress Down Fridays to increase morale. Let them wear denim!

Potluck Events

What better way to share camaraderie with your coworkers than with a food event? Potlucks are a great way to get to try different foods. Plus, everyone will love not having to pack a lunch that day. 

Potluck events work very well if you have an office full of diverse cultures, too. Everyone brings a traditional dish from their country to share with their coworkers. This allows your employees to get to know one another and provides a way for them to share their culture. 

Scavenger Hunt

One of the best office events to get your employees out from behind their desks is a scavenger hunt.

Hunts can shake up what might be an otherwise monotonous day. And it can foster team-building, too. 

You can act as a gamemaster. Split the office into teams that may not usually communicate with one another. 

The hunt can be done inside the office or outside, depending on how much time you have to spare. The possibilities here are quite endless. The more time you have to play with on scavenger hunt day, the better. 

Choose hunt items that encourage your employees to interact with one another. Possible hunt ideas include:

  • Find someone on the team who's bilingual and learn a phrase or song from them.
  • Record an employee showcasing their unique talent. 
  • Request a photo of the teams with a local landmark.
  • Photograph of the team members recreating a famous photo together (i.e., The Beatles Abbey Road cover)

Movie Night

A movie event is a great activity to consider for a company-wide celebration. Invite your employees and their families to make it a family-friend affair. 

Rent an inflatable movie screen and secure a place in a local park. Perhaps someone in the company has a backyard big enough to accommodate everyone.

Let people know it's a BYOC - Bring Your Own Chair - event. Or, if you have the money, rent inflatable chairs or couches for the entire crew. 

If you want to 'wow' your employees, bring in a catering crew, too. Provide typical movie snacks or invite local food trucks to take part. 

Volunteer Day

Nothing brings people together more than volunteering. It feels good to donate your spare time to worthy causes. But volunteering has physical benefits, too. 

One study suggests that people who volunteer for altruistic reasons live longer. Another found that volunteers over 50 were less likely to have high blood pressure.

Plan a community service event during regular office hours. Take a survey to see if your employees know of volunteer opportunities. You can add these to an ongoing list to cycle through. 

Make Time for Play

Play is a pivotal activity, even for adults. It encourages creativity, joy, and problem-solving. Play should have a place in the office. 

But, how can you incorporate play into a professional workspace? There are several different options. 

Ask your employees to bring their favorite board games to work. Encourage them to play with one another during breaks and lunchtime. Or, better yet, host a board game championship where the winner takes home a prize. 

Plan an after-work get together conquering an Escape Room. These puzzle-based rooms are both fun and challenging. They're a surefire way for your employees to brush up on their team-building, too. 

Laser tag is another fun activity you can do outside of work together. It will get your blood pumping and even hone your logic skills. 

Bring in a Motivational Speaker

Most everyone has seen a motivational speaker live before. Many high schools bring in speakers a few times a year to motivate their students. 

Your team may be more willing to listen to someone outside the company than they are to listen to you. Sometimes they need to hear an outside voice explaining things in a different way for it to click.

Motivational speakers are lifelong learners. They're always learning new techniques and ways to present their ideas. This is so their content is always fresh.

The right speaker may be able to provide new ideas and methods to prevent stagnancy in your company. 

No More Boring Office Event Ideas

Offices have a history of being boring and stuffy. But yours doesn't have to be seen this way with our unique office event ideas. Liven up any event with the fun activities above.  

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