5 of the Best Ergonomic Desks to Get for Your Office

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Dec 11, 2019

Dec 11, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

86% of office workers report pain caused by their desks and chairs. When you spend over eight hours at your desk every day, you want it to be designed with comfort and functionality in mind. Unfortunately, not all traditional desks were created based on the way we natural stand and work.

That's where ergonomic desks come in.

Read on for five ergonomic desk setups designed with comfort, productivity, and functionality in mind.

Electric Versus Non-Electric

Electric desks allow for easy and quick changes in setup. Many electric desks come with memory settings to make the altering process even quicker. These are more popular than the alternative, non-electric ergonomic desks.

Non-electric desks are manually operated. To change the set-up of your desk you'll need to crank levers. This can be more difficult for those who rely on ergonomics for easy accessibility. 

At this point, most ergonomic desks come with an electric option. While the no-brainer may be electric ergonomic desks, you will have to account for the higher price tag. Plus, electric desks are more likely to have a shortened lifespan due to the motors used within the desk for easy setting changes.

1. Laptop Stands

Laptop stands are a cheap, budget-friendly option for those who can't invest in an entirely new ergonomic desk. However, they don't offer the full-extent of ergonomic features needed to eliminate strain from your body entirely. Only invest in a laptop stand if you are unable to go with a more advanced option.

2. Standing Work Station

These have fewer adjustable features and are designed only for standing work. These are good for use alongside your normal desk. However, due to the strain put on your body when you stand for a full day, we recommend you don't try to use a standing work station by itself.


3. Fixed Desks

Fixed desks allow you to bounce between standing and seating but not without extensive effort. These options are affordable, however, you'll be unable to easily transition between positions. Because of its limited abilities, it's best to opt for a more advanced option.

4. Standing Desk Converters

Standing desk converters work with your existing desk to offer ergonomic features. These are a go-to for budget-conscious buyers.

Injuries related to office arrangements cause an average of 11 to 16 days away from work. This is bad for the company and bad for the worker. With ergonomic desks, however, you can keep your employees uninjured and everyone happy.

5. Full Standing Desks

Ful standing desks are meant to be used in place of your regular desk. These are stand-alone desks that can be used on their own. These desks offer seating and standing options, making them the best choice in ergonomic desk design.

You can dive right into buying the best desk based on aesthetics alone or you can learn more about ergonomic desks to make an educated decision behind your office furniture. Luckily all ergonomic desks are designed with comfort in mind. This will keep you and your employees comfortable and ready to produce top-quality work.

Putting Ergonomic Desk Design First

Ergonomic desks provide office workers with a comfortable, scientifically-designed way to work. Providing ergonomic office furniture will keep employees from unnecessary pain or the development of bad posture.

While it may seem excessive, providing top-notch ergonomic desks isn't just about being a good employer. It can help you create an environment that is capable of achieving higher productivity from all employees.

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