5 Reasons Why a Walking Meeting Policy Makes Your Team More Productive

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 27, 2019

Oct 27, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Did you know that 25% of American adults sit for more than 8 hours a day? While this percentage has increased throughout the years, it makes you wonder which percentile you fall in.

Let's face it. If you're a working American, you spend more than a quarter of your day at work. And if your job requires you to sit behind a computer screen, then you probably spend most of your workday in a seated position. 

Fortunately, walking meetings were invented. A walking meeting gets your team up and moving, but it does more than just that. Here are five reasons why your team may benefit from a walking meeting policy. 

1. Energy

Get up and move!

There's nothing worse than feeling sluggish during work hours. Fortunately, one of the benefits of a walking meeting is its ability to help increase circulation. Tempted to reach for another energy drink? Try taking a walk outside to get the extra boost of energy. 

2. Increased Rapport

A conventional office meeting usually consists of employees seated in a room next to the same person during the length of the meeting. More often than not employees will gravitate towards familiar co-workers. 

A walking meeting will help increase collaboration in the workplace. While you may think it will only work for small groups, large groups work well too. You'll be surprised how your employees will mingle with a little exercise and office coffee

3. Levels the Field

Building a genuine relationship between an executive and an employee can be difficult. Because of work tension, oftentimes employees feel as though they cannot express themselves freely to upper management.

But there are certain boundaries that are eliminated when the two have the ability to walk side by side and find mutual ground. 

4. Natural Stimulation

Whether you're a fan of nature or not, there are certain areas of the brain that are triggered in the midst of a natural ambiance. When your brain processes the change of environment, it reboots and gets itself ready for a new set of challenges. 

Fun fact: Did you know that when your brain encounters something new it releases dopamine? It's the same "feel good" hormone that released when you eat.

5. Decreases Differences

Lastly, a walking meeting is going to minimize your differences. Day to day circumstances prevent employees of different demographics to mingle. As your company grows, so will your generation of workers. 

Fortunately, a walking meeting is perfect for those who are trying to break down the barriers. Whether it's a conscious barrier between departments or an unconscious one between demographics, a walking meeting will help bring everyone together.

The Benefits of a Walking Meeting and More!

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