10 Fulfilling Careers Working With Children

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 22, 2019

Oct 22, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Helping to shape a young person's future is one of the most rewarding careers you can have and gives you a daily purpose. There are so many options across all diverse industries that you're sure to find one that suits your skillset. 

In careers working with children, you'll face a unique set of challenges that change with the situation and child's age. But working with kids no matter what their age allows you to give back to the world and help them develop a stable life. 

From the medical and educational systems to the legal and recreational sectors, you can go into a job that positively impacts a child's life. We've collected 10 fantastic jobs that span many sectors to give you an idea of the incredible work you could be doing with children. 

Read on to find out about these rewarding careers. 

1. Pediatrician

There are few things more terrifying for parents than having a child in need of medical attention. A pediatrician is a medical doctor specializing in the care of children and are on the front line of childhood healthcare. 

This highly-paid job is challenging but very rewarding as you help children and parents get through difficult times and work towards good health with them. 

2. Pediatric Nurse

Just like a pediatrician, you'll be working closely with children in need of medical attention as well as with their parents. You'll be helping kids through the toughest times and helping to make their days brighter. 

Pediatric nurses have varied salaries but can be paid very well. 

3. Teacher

No matter if you're teaching eight-year-olds or 16-year-olds, as a teacher you can have a hugely positive impact upon the children in your classes. We all remember one teacher that supported and helped us get to where we are today and it's a powerful position from which to help. 

You can teach pre-school up to high-school and offer your knowledge, guidance, and personality to the children around you. 

4. Nursery Worker

Before children attend school, they often attend nursery during the weekdays. Nursery workers help support children to develop learning and social interaction skills with an emphasis on play. 

If you love being around very small children and don't mind clearing up a lot of mess, being a nursery worker can be a joyful career choice. 

5. Nanny

Working as a private nanny is an exciting career that can take you all over the world if you want it to. Many native English-speaking nannies get jobs with families in foreign countries where you can embrace the culture, learn from your host family, and look after their children. 

Nannies often find themselves as an integral part of the employing family and it can be an extremely rewarding and well-paid career. 

6. Camp Worker

Going to camp is the ultimate adventure for children where they get to experience new activities, form new friendships, and develop their independence. Being a camp worker allows you to guide them through this exciting experience. 

Camp workers might lead groups, be camp counselors or teach activities such as horseback riding, canoeing or bushcraft. This is often a seasonal job, allowing you to work in other camps or even other countries. 

7. Driving Instructor

When teenagers get their driving permit, their whole world suddenly opens up. But driving is a dangerous activity and many young learners find it stressful to get behind the wheel. 

Becoming a driving instructor means you get to support and teach teenagers through this important life skill. Whilst some students find studying online a good option, this article shows why getting a local instructor is more beneficial. 

When you begin instructing and develop a good reputation, business will fly in and you can earn a great salary. 

8. Child Services Caseworker

Children all over the United States live in difficult and dangerous environments and child services caseworkers can provide a vital lifeline to them. As a caseworker, you'll be investigating individual circumstances and trying to help better a child's environment or advising courts as to their safety at home. 

This job isn't for the faint-hearted, but it gives you the rewarding ability to actively help children in the most difficult of situations. 

9. Juvenile Counselor

Being a family or juvenile counselor gives you the opportunity to offer support and help to children with a wide variety of backgrounds. From difficult family situations to mental health issues like depression and anxiety, children can need therapy just as much as adults. 

Specializing in the counseling of children allows you to make a positive impact early on and aid them in leading a fulfilling and happy life as they age. 

10. Pediatric Dietician

Childhood obesity is increasing dramatically in the US and this can lead to many health issues and complications later in life. Serious health issues such as diabetes are also on the rise in children and more youths than ever require professional help and advice. 

As a pediatric dietician, you'll study and practice expert childhood health education and help children develop healthy eating plans. Working with children in this way can be hugely rewarding as you both teach and support their health goals. A part of your job may also be educating their parents and supporting the whole family through dietary changes. 

Rewarding Careers Working with Children

Children around the world live in drastically different circumstances with varying levels of health, family support, and education. When you work with children in any career, you can become a positive force in their lives and use your expertise to help them. 

Careers working with children often give a profound meaning to your daily job and challenge you to do the best work possible. Working with kids reminds you of how wonderful the world is as you watch their endless curiosity and joy in things we adults have long forgotten. 

With this list, you've got a great starting point to figure out what sector and job you're interested in going into. Follow us for more tips about finding work that fulfills you.