What Is the Cost of Setting up a Website in Ireland?

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 7, 2019

Oct 7, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Imagine you've already got a website in the United States. But now your business is expanding to include Ireland as well--congratulations!

Or maybe your business is new, or at least new to the internet. Does it matter where your website is based?

And what about the cost of setting up a website? Couldn't folks in Ireland just use your website in the United States? 

If you have--or project that you'll have--a significant audience based in Ireland, you will want to set up a website in Ireland so you can use the .ie top-level domain. 

This can help you connect with the Irish audience you seek to serve with your new website. Keep reading to learn more. 

Cost of Setting Up a Website

With so many elements in website design, details like domain extensions (aka top-level domains) can be a nice touch. They say to your visitors, "hey, we're local and we want to connect with you!"

Beyond these decisions exists the creation of the website itself. Everything from branding to site organization is going to take time and effort to craft. You have the option of how to create your website:

  • You can make it yourself
  • You can hire a freelancer
  • You can work with an agency

Each of these comes with its own costs in time and money; your job is to weigh how much of each you can afford to spend.

Add to that the time it will take you if you have limited experience.

If you hire a freelancer, you're looking at paying anywhere from about 30 to 80 euros per hour. Freelancers may have experience and cost more, or lack experience and cost less (but require more time).

Then there's the agency route, which can cost 80 to 125 euros per hour. This costs more but will take less time. 

Don't Forget About VAT

Keep in mind that with high-performance freelancers, as well as with agencies, you'll need to take into account the VAT.

The 2019 VAT rate is 23 percent in Ireland. Though some products and services qualify for lower VAT rates, website design isn't among them. 

Start Your Site

How much is your time worth? How much can you afford to pay per hour, and how many hours will it take a less-experienced freelancer to build your website?

This depends on your site and your needs, as well as the individual or agency you might hire. Before you move forward with hiring web design pros, determine how much money and time you can put toward your website.

Since the cost of setting up a website can vary, the best first move is to get some estimates--from freelancers and from agencies. Understand that the less experienced (less expensive) professionals will probably require more hours, so might end up costing the same or more than an agency.

We'd love to hear about what kind of website you're building in Ireland. Comment or share on social media to tell us about your project.