How to Find Pre-Employment Assessments That Work

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Oct 4, 2019

Oct 4, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

Did you know you can hire better employees with pre-employment tests?

Pre-employment tests are used during the hiring process to ensure that employers are getting someone that's qualified for the position. While they're not the end all be all, they let employers know how a person is and what their skills are.

These are important because many employers hire applicants based solely on their resumes. While resumes can tell you where they've worked in the past, it doesn't let you know how well they know the industry.

Read on to learn about several pre-employment tests that you can use. 

Job Knowledge Test

A job knowledge test is designed to test how well one knows about the field that they're applying for. While many people will have experience in school, it doesn't mean that they understand what goes on.

These types of tests are generally used for jobs that require a lot of experience. Technical things like IT, managing, and programming will typically require a job knowledge test because employees need to be able to do a large number of tasks.

Emotional Intelligence Test

An emotional intelligence test examines how well someone is aware of how actions can affect someone. In some fields, these tests are important because a job may require building a lot of relationships and having leadership.

These tests will often ask the applicant how they would respond to certain situations. The questions usually revolve around the job that you're applying to, so you wouldn't be asked about a retail scenario if you work in an office.

Integrity Test

An integrity test is a pre-employment test that's all about getting to know the applicant. These tests are usually done in interviews without the interviewee knowing because they're based on general questions.

By asking questions about one's habits and values, they can learn more about who they are as a person. This allows companies to avoid hiring unreliable and undisciplined people.

Cognitive Ability Test

A cognitive ability test is used alongside other tests to see how well one can handle general tasks. They test things like reasoning, memory, language, and math skills. The point of them is to test an applicant's ability to solve problems relating to the job.

Employers generally don't rely solely on cognitive ability tests because they don't show how well one can learn things. While someone may not perform well on these tests, they might have the ability to pick up things quickly.

Personality Test

Similar to an integrity test, personality tests for jobs are important because they allow employers to hire people that will mesh well in their environment. For example, they would know not to hire someone that has a negative mood if their workplace is positive.

Personality tests can also help an employer see how motivated someone is to work. Depending on how the test is set up, they can find out if a person is assertive, persistent, and extroverted. 

Physical Test

Physical tests are some of the rarest forms of pre-employment testing because they're only done in professions where physical labor is common. These tests are done for professions like firefighting, police work, and construction workers.

These tests are only performed in professions like this because they can pose problems in other fields due to the Americans with Disabilities Act. You would never see physical tests done for things like cashiering or desk jobs.

Skills Test

Skills tests are some of the most effective tests because they test a person's ability to do things that pertain to the job. While a job knowledge test lets you see if a person knows about the field, a skills test will let you see if they know how to apply their skills.

Just like job knowledge tests, skills tests are used for jobs that require extensive knowledge about the field. It's normal to see someone that has to work with computers or machines take one of these so employers know if they have to invest in training. 

How to Do Pre-Employment Testing

When you decide that you want to implement pre-employment tests into your hiring process, you'll need to decide what's important for your company. Depending on the position that you're trying to hire, you'll want to base your tests around that.

Keep in mind that these tests are designed for those that you're trying to proceed with. You'll need to decide what the prerequisites for the position are and the attitude that you'd like to have. 

Narrowing down your candidates based on the prerequisites will let you focus on looking for those with the right attributes. From there, decide whether your job is a physical one or a technical one.

You can use most of the tests during any hiring process, but a physical and skills test must be used in appropriate situations. If you need a highly technical position filled, use a skills test. If the job requires a lot of physical work, use a physical test.

To get a better understanding of how you should approach pre-employment testing, view here. You'll learn how to avoid giving off the wrong impression when interviewing someone.

Start Hiring the Right Way

If you'd like to ensure that you hire a good employee, you'll want to use pre-employment tests before you hire someone. There are many tests that you can give applicants so that you can narrow down your candidates.

Things like skills tests and physical tests will allow you to see if a person can do the job. Job knowledge tests will also tell you how well someone knows about the field.

Start using these tests as soon as you can so you can avoid hiring bad employees. Start by using personality and integrity tests to learn more about applicants.