6 Tips to Write the Perfect Follow up Email After Career Fair

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Sep 30, 2019

Sep 30, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

In a recent survey, only 11% of Americans aged 18 - 29 years old visited a job or recruitment fair in the last year. 

In a competitive job market, going the extra mile to introduce yourself to recruiters can make a difference. If you're one of the ambitious 11% willing to visit a job fair, that extra effort could land you the job. 

But, the interaction doesn't stop as soon as you leave the job fair — you need to write a good follow up email after career fair attendance. Keep reading to learn how to write the best email possible now.

1. Remind Them of Your Encounter

Depending on the size of the career fair, recruiters could interact with dozens of potential employees during the event. This means your follow up emails after a career fair needs to remind them of your specific encounter. 

The first step towards this is creating a memorable encounter. Always be polite, professional, and personable. This means that you listen to what they have to say, tell them about your qualifications, and attempt to make a connection with them. 

That connection is going to be how you remind them of you in the email. Maybe you both are alumni of the same university or grew up in the same city. Even the smallest of connections can make you a memorable candidate.  

Use this angle as your email introduction. Don't dwell on the connection, use it as a reminder before getting to the actual content of your email.

For example, you could write the following:

"Hello, Mr. or Mrs. [include last name], 

I am following up after the career fair held on [date]. You may remember me as the candidate who attended Stanford University a few years after you did and also competed on the debate team."

2. State Why You're Interested in the Position

In the career fair follow up email, you want to make it clear why you're interested in the position specifically at their company. 

A form email that you send of to every employer you met at the career fair will be obvious to any seasoned recruiter. This is a surefire way to end up in the trash folder of any email account. 

Instead, give them reasons that you're interested in exactly what they're offering.

Maybe you're particularly excited about a specific product the company offers. Or you could like the way that they contribute to the community and give back. You could mention specific awards the company has received in recent years, saying you're excited to about their future. 

The exact reason isn't as important as making sure you include a reason. You want to make them feel like you're invested in their company specifically. 

3. Tell Them How You're Qualified

In the email, it's important to tell the recruiter why you're the best possible hire for the position. This means explaining how you're qualified for the job. 

Have you worked in a similar position for several years? Did you graduate top of your class in an applicable major? Do you have any certifications or special skills that separate you from the competition?

If so, be sure to mention these things in your email. The main point of the follow up email is to land the interview, and you need to tell them why you deserve an interview.  

4. Include Resume, Portfolio

It's one thing to state your qualifications, but any potential employer can write anything they want to in an email. You need to back up your statements with attachments to your email. 

The most important attachment to include is your resume. Then, you can also attach any work examples with a portfolio. This can be a PDF attachment or a specific website you link them to. 

These attachments allow the recruiter to conduct research on you if they feel like you may be a candidate. You never want the recruiter to have to go out of their way and ask for one of these things. Think ahead and provide them during your follow up email. 

5. Be Simple

The simplicity of your email starts with your subject line. The follow up email after career fairs subject line should include your name, along with the position you're interested in.

An example could be, "Jones Following Up On Sales Associate Position." This allows for the recruiter to easily search for the email when they are looking for it. 

Then, include the above points in your email while keeping it as short as possible. You aren't going to be the only candidate for the job and the recruiters time is limited. So try to make an impression by hitting the high points in as few words as possible. 

Remember that the purpose of the follow up email is to land an interview with the recruiter. 

6. Follow Directions

The last, but arguably most important piece of advice for the follow up email is to follow directions.

If the job fair attendant asked you to send an email to a specific email address, don't email the CEO as a follow up. If they suggested you research the company to learn more about the job, reference something you discovered in the email. 

Many companies even use surveys after career fairs to find out how they stack up against the competition. Fill out these surveys and let the recruiter know you went through the effort by referencing any of the event survey questions.

Regardless of the instructions you received, following them shows you know how to follow directions and you put in the time and effort to do so. 

Get Hired With a Follow up Email After Career Fair

The next time you're searching for a job, write a memorable follow up email after career fair attendance. 

Start by writing a simple email and following any directions the recruiter gave you. Remind the recruiter of your interaction and tell them why you're interested in their company and the position. Don't forget to include your qualifications and include a resume.

Before you attend your next career fair, make sure your portfolio and resume are ready first. Check out the Articles section of this site for all the best advice to make sure you're prepared and ready to land the job.