7 of the Most In-Demand Careers in Digital Marketing

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Sep 9, 2019

Sep 9, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

If you just graduated with a computer science degree and have no clue what you want to do, you may have considered a career in digital marketing.

Luckily, there's plenty of jobs within the digital marketing field that are perfect for people with backgrounds in computer science, business, and marketing.

If you are a goal-oriented person and enjoy working to build up a brand's image and drive sales, a digital marketing job may be the perfect position for you.

Below is a list of some of the most in-demand careers in digital marketing and a bit of background on each one! 

Most In-Demand Careers in Digital Marketing

While there are plenty of careers to be had in digital marketing, some are more sought after by employers than others.

The demand is especially high right now for specialists, field experts, and analysts!

1. SEO Specialist

Digital marketing is a very competitive field. In this landscape, those with SEO analyst skills and expertise will thrive.

SEO specialists will develop search engine marketing plans to meet company goals and improve website ranking.

If analyzing and modifying websites to boost their traffic sounds like fun, then a job as an SEO specialist might be perfect for you. It's all about finding ways to make a company's website the first search engine result.

SEO specialists will need to be experts on SEO copywriting, keyword research, and search engine guidelines. If you want to make the search experience better for not only your employer but also everyday internet users, you may enjoy working as an SEO specialist!

2. Email Marketing Specialist

This may be a digital marketing career that you're less familiar with. After all, you'd probably figure that everyone knows how to send an email, right? Well, some people are a bit more skilled in it than others.

An email marketing specialist focuses mostly on generating leads through their services. They often work with automated email software to send out mass emails. These may include newsletters, alerts, or reminders regarding the company.

Strong math skills are preferred for this job. It's also important to be detail-oriented and well-organized because email marketing specialists are responsible for curating email lists, proofreading emails before they're sent out, and tracking email engagement in order to plan future marketing campaigns.

3. Marketing Analyst

A marketing analyst will spend their time learning about the product, learning about their clientele, and their competitors. They track market conditions to predict how products and services will sell and how to modify marketing plans in order to increase sales.

Knowing how to send out customer surveys and being familiar with Google Analytics are just a few skills that a marketing analyst will need. They are often also responsible for analyzing client feedback and determining how to apply feedback to marketing strategies.

It's important that anyone with an interest in marketing analyzing be comfortable sifting through data and results. They are often required to compile reports on all their findings, be it annually, quarterly, or even more frequently.

4. Social Media Specialist

Even if you aren't familiar with many careers in digital marketing, chances are you've heard of social media specialists. A social media specialist is responsible for monitoring the social media presence of a business. Their goals are to increase sales and brand awareness.

Social media specialists must be very strategic and be familiar with the online habits and patterns of their target audience. They will have to create social media plans in order to build up the brand's following.

Their main duties are creating and posting social media content, engaging with the brand's audience via social media, and staying current with social media trends. Strong verbal skills are a must because they will be actively communicating with the brand's audience.

5. Digital Marketing Director

Digital marketing directors or managers will want to be well-rounded and well-versed when it comes to everything digital marketing.

They will need to develop and initiate digital marketing campaigns. Their goals are to boost website traffic and gain customers and sales. They will have to work with just about every member of a digital marketing team to achieve this. That means good communication and delegation skills are a must for this job.

They are also responsible for market research and discovering new digital tools and technologies that will improve their marketing techniques. 

6. Content Specialist

A content specialist is responsible for, you guessed it, the development and organization of a company's digital content. However, content specialists will need to utilize more than one skill in their position.

They typically write or design at least some of the company's content. However, some are less involved with the actual content production.  These content specialists will delegate content creation to other writers and designers. This gives them the chance to devote more time to researching and creating topics.

Content specialists must have an eye for detail. They have to be aware of the company's target audience to create specific content, as well as maintain a cohesive collection of content to be presented on the company's digital platforms.

7. Ad Campaign Manager

Ad campaign managers will also want to have SEO knowledge to perform their job. However, their main goal is to create ad campaigns that boost brand awareness and generate sales.

The ad campaign manager will need to be resourceful, as they are often working with a set budget. They should also be informed about the target demographic and the product or service they're pitching.

They also should be networking experts, as it's useful to collaborate and make ad deals with big online influencers.

After running a campaign, an ad campaign manager will also need to analyze and report the campaign's results. They can use those results to modify and improve future campaigns!

Becoming a Part of a Digital Marketing Team

If you like content creation, analytical work, or supervising others, a career in digital marketing might be for you!

With so many careers in digital marketing in demand right now, it's easy to find a place you will fit in.

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