7 Tips for Designing Eye-Catching Mobile Advertising Banners

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 20, 2019

Jul 20, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

You need to capture the attention of audiences in order to grow your business. Did you know that more than 40% of online sales come from mobile devices?

What that means for you and your business is that you need mobile advertising that gets the attention of users so you can get more sales.

A big part of that equation will come down to the creation of mobile advertising banners. You need to create something that will be eye-catching and click-worthy.

Want to know how you can make that happen? Read on to find out more.

1. Make Them Relevant

Mobile advertising banners have to have one thing in order to get a user to click on them. That’s relevancy.

How do you make your ad relevant? You have to know your target audience inside and out. You want to know what problem they’re trying to solve with your product or service. Here are a few other questions you should ask yourself about your target audience:

  • What’s their demographic information (age, location, income, marital status)?
  • Where do they shop?
  • How do they find information online?
  • What search terms do they use to find your product or service?

Once you know your target audience, you can create an ad that speaks directly to them. This will also make it much easier to choose ad placement.

After all, you don’t want to have a mobile ad that doesn’t reach your intended audience. You’d just be wasting money.

2. Images and Copy Matter

Mobile advertising banners have to catch the attention of someone in a split second. Someone has to look at an ad and say, “Hey, that’s me!”

How do you do that in such a small space? When you know your target audience as well as you do, this step becomes a little easier.

You can then create mobile advertising banners that are speaking right to your audience.

For example, let’s say your product is a tool that DIY crafters use. You can create a mobile banner of a member of your target audience using that product. You can also call out that target audience in the banner copy.

Something as simple as “Hey, DIY crafters,” or “Just for DIY craft projects” can get the attention of your audience and make them curious enough to click through to your site.

3. Keep Users in Mind

Of course, you want to keep your users in mind as you’re creating the ad. It’s not just about the images and ad copy. It’s about the entire user experience on mobile devices.

Let’s say that you have a successful advertising banner and someone clicks through to your website or landing page. What do you want them to do when they get there? Do you want them to sign up to your list, schedule an appointment, or make a purchase?

People are unlikely to purchase from a brand that has a poorly designed website. You need to make sure that the entire experience is impeccable from the moment someone becomes aware of your ad to after the purchase.

4. Simplicity Rules

A cluttered mobile advertisement will get lost in the crowd. There’s only so much real estate on a mobile screen, and you don’t want to complicate the user experience by having an advertising banner that is trying to do and say too much.

Instead, keep things as simple as you possibly can. You want to have as little clutter as possible. As you’re designing the ad, every color, image, and character needs to have a purpose.

You’ll have to ask yourself the tough question “why is this element here?” If you can’t answer it, then that element needs to be discarded.

5. Keep the Sound Off

You’re sitting in an office or waiting room and you have nothing better to do than to look at your phone for a few minutes.

An advertisement pops up with the sound on and it’s blaring through your phone. Embarrassed, you quickly leave that page.

You don’t want people to have a similar experience with your brand. You want them to have a positive experience, which makes them more likely to visit your site and make a purchase from you.

6. Automate as Much as You Can

You should have mapped out a plan as to what you want people to do when they visit your site. In the case of having people sign up to your list, you can automate the marketing messages as soon as they sign up to your list.

Find out more about marketing automation here.

7. Always Test and Test Some More

Split testing mobile advertising banners is a great way to maximize your ROI. By testing different elements of the ad, you get to understand what customers are responding to and what they’re not.

The best split tests only test one element at a time. If you try to test everything at once, you won’t know what is really driving clicks to your site.  

In one split test, you can test the color of an ad. In another test, try to test the image or the ad copy.

It’s a long process to create a great ad, but it will generate a higher ROI in the long run.

Effective Mobile Advertising Banners to Grow Business

There is little doubt that the world has gone mobile. People spend more time on mobile devices than ever before, and they’re choosing to do everything, even make purchases from these devices.

You can leverage this trend into the future by investing your marketing dollars to mobile advertising. When you do this, you need to create mobile advertising banners that are effective. That means that you need to understand your audience and create simple, eye-catching banners that will generate clicks.

You can also map out the journey once they click through to your site to make a purchase. You can test and continue to optimize your advertising banners, too.

All of that creates a great advertising campaign that will be sure to bring a return on investment.

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