A Crash Course In Science: What It Takes To Be An Accident Reconstruction Expert

Written by
Rebecca Smith

Jul 1, 2019

Jul 1, 2019 • by Rebecca Smith

There is a uniqueness in every traffic accident reconstruction. Experts involved in the reconstruction need a minimum of 36 years experience to work in the field of accident reconstruction. The expert comes in handy, especially where there is a need for more complex analysis.

Some accidents need a low cost and minimal assessment. Others are more detailed and as such need experience and a knowledgeable eye to perform. A reconstructionist is not enough with their expertise only.

The skills are more effective if they can bring out a clear and precise argument that can stand in court against opposing counsels. If you are enthusiastic about this line of career, this is what it takes to be a car accident reconstruction expert.

1. Credentials

To achieve accurate models, it’s important that these experts obtain ample experience and skills. Top among the requirements is a certification by the Accreditation Council for Traffic Accident Reconstruction. The certification requires five years of continuous education training with a minimum of eighty hours.

Mastering the complexities required in accident reconstruction needs a deep education background. Specifically, in engineering, mathematics, and physics. It’s also an added advantage when a professional in this field has a master’s degree or doctorate.

2. Resources

A good reconstructionist is the one with the right equipment to perform on the job. To access the factors that contributed to an accident, the expert requires instruments and devices that are top notch. Accident reconstructionist experts have the skills to enable them to retrieve data from a black box.

The device contains necessary information of the state of the locomotive at the time of the collision. Creating simulations that enact a demonstration of the occurrence is another key competency. This is a skill that reconstructionist experts can find quite useful in their work.

In the event that the individual is unable to provide such expertise then they should have connections with experts that can.

3. Reputation of Compelling Testimony and Accuracy

An accident reconstructionist should have the necessary background qualifications. Support of past clientele is an added advantage. Insurers and past clients that recommend you to potential clients promote your services.

It’s important to have solid references if you are looking to join this career. References can act as witnesses to how good you are with your job. Additionally, they can provide evidence of past cases where the conclusions were deciding factors.

This acts as proof of respect that the professional has earned from the industry.

4. Experience in All Settings

A reconstructionist that is perfect at their job is one that can stand firm in court and argue out his logic. Regardless of the knowledge that a forensic engineer holds in math and physics, serious questioning can have them lose the case. A famous and skilled police officer can hold the best experience on how to respond to car collisions.

Yet, they may lack the scientific skills to understand the incident. A lab technician can work out the answers with physical evidence and math. The same expert lacks the skills essential to stand in front of a jury.

Thus, it's vital that a good reconstructionist holds some adverse knowledge involved. If not, they should have contact with such professionals who can help out. It’s very difficult to find all these skills embedded in a single person and as such a team comes in handy.

A team of reconstructionist will join their efforts and deliver a win in the courtroom.

5. Unbiased Conclusions

The most essential duty of a reconstructionist is providing an assessment of the contributing factors to an accident. An unbiased assessment is the first important rule to a successful accident reconstruct job. Crash risk can bring about a lot of challenges and as such bias assessment conflicts the evidence.

It also conflicts the information provided. Strong scientific evidence is necessary for an accident to stand trial and win. The best reconstructionist in the industry is those that can arrive at an actual and valid conclusion.

This is regardless of the clients stand and the evidence provided by the opposing counsel in the case.
6. Different Opinions

Whether you are the defendant or plaintiff, you will always have someone trying to undermine the evidence. Some individuals would want the expertise of a professional reconstructionist. This is because they will help bring out the flaws in the opponent’s reconstruction.

In such cases is where the experience and training of your expert witness plays a major role. Scientific principles perceived to be complex are best explained by a scientist. Having extensive knowledge of science is one thing, being able to bring it out in an unbiased manner is another.

To people outside the profession, understanding the facts builds support for your side.

7. Reliable Witness Testimony

For many years, eyewitnesses are known to many for being biased. It has been reported that the human brain shuts down memory processes in times of crisis. Most car crashes leave the eyewitnesses with unclear or unreliable memories.

This is especially in regards to what actually happened. Some may have obtained information as second-hand information about the accident. They may, however, have the ability to express it to reality.

This is where expert reconstructionist come in. More often, car accidents produce conflicting information. In most cases, the witnesses provide explanations that can’t hold up in court as evidence.

However, a reconstruction expert is able to give sense to the conclusions and bring out the explanations clearly and consciously. Some counsels will use loopholes to manipulate witnesses into providing conflicting information. A solid argument is based on science.

This is why an expert ensures the jury understands basic or complex principles.

Accident Reconstruction

More than ever, road accident cases have been on the rise. This is why most lawyers and insurance will require certain information. Providing a conscious explanation is the job of an accident reconstruction expert.

As seen above, the job requires more than academic qualifications. Thus an all rounded individual is likely to make the cut.

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